A much better day!

The Christmas decorations are almost all up. The house is just about put back together. Everyone seems to be getting along nicely today. Much much better than yesterday.

I've still got a bunch of stuff that needs to be done...just to get the house back in order. Floors need to be swept, boxes need to go back up into the attic, clothes still need to be folded and put away...not to mention the mess in my office and Emily's room that look like bombs went off in them. Oh well...tomorrow is another day. And I'll be home alone while the kiddos are in school. As long as I focus, I should be able to get stuff done around here. Or so you'd think. As long as I stay away from this computer, I'll do just fine. LOL

Off to sweep the kitchen and vacuum the family room...I'll then fold the towels, toss the socks in the washer to bleach and then I'll call it a day! Will probably do takeout for dinner.


Mickey said...

WOW! Sounds like you have been busy! I haven't had any time to blog lately but it's nice to see what you have been up to!

twistedsoda said...

...when do you find the time to scrap sister????