The other "baby".

Another photo that I took while trying for the perfect Christmas card picture. This one of my 14 yr old son. But, for some reason, in this shot, he doesn't look 14 to me. He's looking so much older to me. Hard to believe my "little boy" is a teenager...well on his way to manhood! Man, I'm getting old! LOL

I did manage to get the shot that I'll use in the Christmas cards yesterday. Emily globbed lipstick on and was so angry with me when I took it off of her. She couldn't understand why she couldn't wear make up for the pictures. I tell ya, this child is 5 going on 17. She'll push my buttons every which way, trying her darndest to get her way. I'm going to have my hands full for the next few years, that's for sure! I thought for sure that Josh would be the one to give me the fit, considering he can't stand for me to take his picture. (can't you tell that in the above shot??? Sheesh). But no, Josh was a good boy...got a shower, dressed and was ready to go when I said so. After the fit with Emily, I was ready to throw in the towel and forget about sending any pictures in the Christmas cards this year. But, thankfully, it all worked out and I got some really great shots of my kids. Even a couple individual ones to hang in the hallway too.

I played in my scrap room almost all day yesterday. I made 4 of the party invites for Em's b-day party, a card and a layout for the December sponsor at Scrapforums too. I was very grumpy yesterday...and just wanted to be left alone. Unfortunately, nobody would sympathize with me and I kept having someone needing something or wanting me to do something...I guess that's part of being a mom though. I was happy to climb in bed last night and I slept like a rock till 9:30 this morning. Today, I feel better. For the most part!

Off to get some work done in the house today. DS needs the washer and dryer desperately so I need to get them emptied for him. I'd like to get my scrapbook room picked up a little bit maybe...at least the mess from yesterday. I need to finish 4 more invites too for the b-day party. I'd like to get them out early this next week. Oh, and I want to go to the gym too. Looks like another full day ahead!

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