My baby???

Where did my baby go??? How can it be that my "baby" will be SIX in just three more weeks? Where did the time go? How did she grow up and be so sassy??? LOL

One of the members at Scrapforums shared some of her photos from a shoot that she did of her kids for holiday pics. This inspired me to get on the ball and think about our pics too. So today, I ran to Joann's and picked up a nice size sheet of fabric and this fun garland as a "prop". I made Emily be my model for a little while so that I good see how things would work. I set up my "studio" in the garage, with the door open so that the natural lighting could be used. I turned off the flash of my camera and started snapping away.

I see this sassy little munchkin...such a little ham. I didn't take the time to wash her face or hands. Didn't grab the brush and noticed how badly she needs to have her bangs trimmed. Oh well, this is Emily!

Tomorrow, I'll set out to get a few good shots of Emily and Josh together. HOPEFULLY I'll get something that I'll be able to use for Christmas cards. Josh isn't always the most cooperative when it comes to having his pics taken. Hopefully I'll be able to catch him in a good mood. He's already been warned!

Tonight I'm off to play Bunco. My friend Kris got me into her bunco group and we play once a month. I always have a good time with them, even though I don't know many of them very well. I need to run to the store and pick up something to take with me...other than the Corona and lime, of course.

Wish me luck!

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twistedsoda said...

BRAVO girlfriend. You did an incredible job with this picture...she is so beautiful! Just like her momma!