Another weekend...

Man, what a day yesterday was. DH and I were extremely tense and ended up snapping at each other yesterday afternoon. He'd been a little snippy at the kids and then mentioned something about needing to get the place cleaned up because it was getting to him. ANYTIME he mentions anything about the house being a mess, I tend to take it extremely personal. I probably shouldn't take it personally, but I do...sometimes I feel as if I'm being pulled into 50 different directions, being asked to do this or that...taking me away from what I "should" be doing. Can you call this person? Will you do this for me today?? I need you to do me a favor??? Sometimes I feel like I get taken advantage of...like everyone needs MY help...but that I need to scream and yell or beg and plead to get anyone to "help" me if I fall behind.

We all cleaned the house in our fit of anger...we cracked the proverbial whips and even had the kids cleaning up. Emily is a SLOB! No matter what she's doing, or where...something gets left wherever she was. You can always tell whether Emily's been in the room. Blankets get left on the floor. Clothes laying all over. EVERYWHERE! We had a long discussion with her about this too. I have to really get onto her about this and maybe increase her chores to help a bit more around here. She doesn't really do much of anything. THIS WILL CHANGE!!!

DH and I ended up running a few errands last night together and talked things through. Glad to get it off of our chests...that's for sure! We both agreed that we need to start spending more time with the kids...he really needs to show DD a lot more attention than he does.

Today, we all kicked in and picked up the front yard. Since they started the pool, we haven't been running the sprinklers because the pipes are broken in the back. The weeds were taking over the front yard terribly! We all worked together and were able to get it looking decent before 1. Plenty of time now to head off to the park or do whatever it is we're going to do.

Oh, DH got my computer all hooked up yesterday. We're a little concerned about the docking station...we got a laptop this time so that I can take it with me if I want/need to. (to the condo, etc) Anyway, the laptop doesn't dock right up to the docking station...it connects through a USB. This means that everything else that I have...my printer, scanner, hotsync cradle, card reader...everything else needs to be hooked up through a USB hub. We got the high speed hubs and everything is connected...but, my mouse is being whompy now anytime I go to the web. Just a slight delay really...but a delay nonetheless. I think I might need to call Dell this week and see if we did this the right way. I will be very frustrated if I have to wait for every little step...the computer is a monster and shouldn't be slow AT ALL.

OK...em's here and ready to head to the park. I'd better get on with things. I want to come home and play with my Wishblade...but will need to pick up the scraproom a little bit before I can play. While cleaning yesterday, things got dumped in here...stuff that nobody knows what to do with or stuff that nobody cares to deal with. Just put it in Mom's room...SHE'LL take care of it.



Stacie wants to know...

I haven't gotten up since my last post...oops...sitting here enjoying my Caramel Dolce latte from Starbucks...surfing the net...checking e-mail. I went ahead and checked Stacie's blog to find out what I'd been tagged to do. This is my second post for the day, so if you're interested, scroll down and read my last entry too.

Here goes my tag stuff...

Most recent...

Music downloads: I don't have an MP3 player at this time, so I don't d/l music. Most of my downloads these days are of digi scrapping kits. I leave the music d/l to DS and DH...they've both got the Ipods. For me, music is usually listened to on either Yahoo Messenger music or I've got the TV's on the digital music channel that plays the PARTY FAVORITES. Stuff from the 70's, 80's and 90's. Party stuff from my day...not today's party stuff. LOVE that station!!!! Told ya I was a dork!!

Audiobooks: I haven't listened to an audio book in a long time. I usually like to listen to them when I'm going to be in the car for a long period of time...especially when I'm by myself. I don't go very far in the car anymore though. And if I do, I'm usually not alone.

Videogames: Again, not a big thing for me. Sometimes I'll play Galaga or the Barbie game on the PS2 with the Emily and if I get really bored, I'll play JewelQuest on Yahoo Games. But other than that...nothing. Oh, we got Scene It for Christmas...we've played it a few times lately. Does that count??

Books: I'm currently reading VANISHING ACT by Jodi Picoult. A very good book, IMO...only the second book I've read by her. The first being MY SISTER'S KEEPER. Liz at Memory Lane says that all of Jodi Picoult's books are good. Before this book, I read AT FIRST SIGHT by Nicholas Sparks. It was good too...but I didn't see the ending coming...that's for sure. Alex just finished reading THE DAVINCI CODE and said that he thinks I might like it. I'll try and start it next.

Movies: Haven't seen many movies in the theater lately but I love NETFLIX!!! I just watched Monster In Law, Bewitched and Must Love Dogs. They were all three excellent movies, IMO...and they're headed back to Netflix today. Not sure what's in the queue next.

Television: During the day, if I'm not listening to the music channel on TV, I usually have the TV tuned into either TLC, HGTV or the Food Network. In the evenings, I enjoy the Bachelor, Survivor, The Biggest Loser, Wife Swap, Super Nanny and Lost. I never thought I'd be a reality TV junkie. LOL! My favorite Sit-Coms are King of Queens (so much like Alex and I), My Name is Earl and Yes, Dear. Most of the TV shows that I like get recorded with the DVR and I find myself watching them while folding laundry during the day. And fast forwarding through the commercials too.

Tag: Ummmm...I'll tag Kerri, Jess and Kristin

January 23rd...already???

Here we go again...time is flying again! Wasn't it just New Year's Eve???? It can't possibly be almost the end of January already. HOLY MOLY...I think I need to slow down a little bit...breathe...take everything in and cherish every possible moment. Time is just getting a little too fast for me. YIKES!!!

OK...so I said I'd do better with the blog thing this year. I'm really starting this one off good, huh? Sheesh, January 5th was my last entry. Ooops...and Stacie tells me that I've been tagged again. Better go check out her blog and see what fun I've got waiting for me over there.

So far this month, I've...

Taught the calendar clipboard class at Memory Lane...TWICE. Had a good time with both classes and am gearing up for my Mini Love book class this Thursday and then again next Tuesday. I'm working on a Disney layout and another two page layout for the month of February.

My friend Kerri came over here for three days in a row and we spent HOURS cleaning my scraproom. We sorted embellishments by color, put stuff in bins and flat out re-organized my room. I was so happy to get it done! I've got a few things left on the dining room table that need to be sorted and moved in here. I'm sure Alex is tired of looking at it. Most of it is stuff that I'm not keeping...but I need to sort it and decide if it's giveaway stuff or stuff that I want to try to sell on Ebay.

Kerri came back over this past Saturday and we scrapped ALL DAY and into the night. I think she left sometime around midnight. We actually scrapped in my newly organized scraproom too. I never have room to set up another table to have someone else scrap in here with me...but this time, I DID!!! It was GREAT! And to top it off...we actually scrapped too!!! I got 3 pages and a card done and Kerri did like SIX pages. We watched movies and took a break to eat dinner from Firehouse Subs too. YUM!!

My computer died earlier in the month. Alex and I had talked about getting a new system for me but I didn't really want to spend the money. Well...the hard drive finally gave up and left us no choice. Alex went to Dell and put together a pretty nice system for me...one that is basically set up for doing the digi photo stuff that I like to do. AND...we got a laptop this time, with a docking station, monitor and keyboard...I can use it at home like a regular PC but can take it with me when I go to the condo, etc. It's here and set up, but we're waiting for the docking station to get here before we hook up the printer, scanner, etc. to it. At least I'm online though...I'm a happy girl! Going to install my PSE 4.0 today!

I've also started doing the cleaning challenges over at Scrapforums, this month. Each day, I share a list of daily chores that should be done each day and then a list of extras that should be done that day. I've gotten some pretty good feedback on those challenges and it's certainly helping me stay on top of things. I'm finally almost to the point where things are looking good almost every day!

The pool is just about finished!!!!! Actually...the pool itself is done, there's water in it and the pump is running...the water's cold, but that didn't stop Emily. She actually went swimming yesterday AND the day before. They did the clean up of the yard and the fence goes back up on Wednesday. I can't wait to be able to let the dogs out and not have to worry about Koda taking off over the temporary fence anymore. I'm so ready to have my backyard back. I'm tired of looking at the dirt instead of the grass. The landscape guy comes today to measure for the sod...the screen goes up around the pool sometime this week and then we need one final coat on the deck...and we're DONE!!!! Woo hoo!

I think those are the highlights of the month...I'm off for now to get some work done and then to check and see what Stacie tagged me with this time. :D

Oh, and don't forget to enter the FUNK IT UP contest at Scrapforums too!!! We're taking entries for the audition round till the 27th...better get over there and get those layouts uploaded! The winner is going to walk away with over $300 worth of prizes!!! Get in there while you can!

Thanks for reading!


Tag I'm it!!!!

My friend Stacie tagged me...hehehehehehe...(I'm a dork!!) Here goes...

2 names you go by: Mom and Niecy
2 parts of your heritage: English and German
2 things that scare you: SNAKES and anything happening to one of my kids.
2 things you are wearing right now: My cool hairclip that's made for "thick hair" and holds my hair up nicely...and my white Keds. (boring, huh??)
2 of your favorite bands or musical artists (at the moment): Ummmm...Toby Keith and Carly Simon (CD I got for Christmas...told ya I'm a dork!)
2 favorite songs (at the moment): Jesse (Carly Simon CD, LOL) and ummmm...can't think right now.
2things you want in a relationship (other than real love): honestly and loyalty
2 truths: I love to have a clean house, all the time and it drives me crazy that it can't seem to get that way anymore...and I would do almost anything for anyone. All ya gotta do is ask. (I said almost anything :D)
2 physical things that appeal to you (in the opposite sex): Blue Eyes and a cute butt.
2 of your favorite hobbies: photography and scrapbooking (shockers, huh?)2 things you want really badly: For my pool to be finished and for DH to get the promotion that he soooooooooooo deserves at work. (without having to move to another company)
2 places you want to go on vacation: Hawaii and Australia
2 things you want to do before you die: See my kids grow into happy, healthy and successful adults and go back to London with my oldest two. (they were born there and I'd love to take them back)
2 ways that you are stereotypically a dude/chick: I cry at sappy movies and my moods can swing with the best of them!!
2things you are thinking about now: I really need to get my DT stuff done for Eclectic Scraps and it's getting close to bedtime.
2 stores you shop at: Memory Lane Orlando and Target
3 people you would like to see take the quiz? Ummmmm...I don't of anyone that HASN'T already been tagged. If you read this and haven't been tagged, leave me a comment and I'll tag ya. LOL

Oh, and don't forget about the contest at Scrapforums!!!! See my last blog entry!

Back in the swing of things!!!

Ahhhh...the kids are back in school, I've had a day of rest and now I'm getting in gear again. My house is looking good today and the laundry's getting done. I have a couple of things that I'd like to do for Eclectic Scraps. I've got DT stuff due there and have really been anxious to play with Jess's new kit. I think her stuff ROCKS!

I have a dr's appt this afternoon. I've been fighting a cough for the past week. I can't really say it's a cold because I'm not congested and I really do feel ok. I was really sleepy on Tuesday but that seems to have passed too. (I could always take a nap, given the chance) I'm going to go to the dr today just to make sure there's nothing in the lungs that needs help getting out. I can't stand coughing the way I've been coughing!!

Oh, and I think I need to mention the FUNK IT UP contest at Scrapforums!! We're accepting layouts for the audition round over there now and man, there have been some really awesome layouts uploaded already. Get over there and enter before the end of the month. We're going to vote on the 27th and the top 30 will move on to Round 1. Oh, and can't forget to mention that we have over $300 in prizes to give away too. The grand prize scrapper will be crowned the QUEEN OF FUNK and will win a HUGE goodie box put together with a ton of sponsor goodies and each of the other 29 will get goodies too. So whatcha waiting for???? Get over there and upload your layouts in the FUNK IT UP GALLERY! I know ya wanna play!!



***Another week+ has gone by...alot to mention...this is a long one!!!!***

WOW...2006...already? I remember years ago, not believing that it was the year 2000...and now it's SIX YEARS LATER...already! I think I need to slow down a bit...take things in a bit more...appreciate "time" a little better.

Our Christmas day was nice and quiet. I don't like going anywhere on Christmas Day. Since I've had children of my own, I like to stay home, in my jammies all day (if I desire) and just plain relax. This year, the kids were up before 6:30 and so excited to see what Santa brought. Josh doesn't believe anymore but he's such a sport about not blowing it for Emily. She was so fun to watch that morning and was especially fond of the note that Santa left for her, thanking her for the milk and cookies and reminding her to be good this year.

The excitement began the day after Christmas. Brooks and Kyle flew in from Atlanta and spent the week with us. We had everyone over for dinner the day after Christmas. We did the family gift exchange and ate and ate and ate some more. We had more than 20 people here and there was enough food to feed an army. After dinner, we played Scene It...guys against the gals...the guys won. Darn it. It was fun though...Alex got the game for Christmas and it was our first time playing. Emily got Scene It Jr. Maybe I can do a bit better at that version.

The week with the boys flew by, of course. We didn't do much really but I think they had fun. (hope so anyway) They went bowling with their cousin Erica and her boyfriend one night...went to a Magic Game one night, but left early because they were bored...went putt-putting one day. Brooks is almost 20 now but it's so hard to let go and let him do things on his own. He was willing to drive everyone to play putt-putt...including Emily. I think I was more worried about Emily going than anything else. But, they went and she behaved herself and had a blast. It all worked out.

New Year's Eve was fun. The weather was gorgeous and we had a "mini block party" between our house and Nancy's house. We grilled out and had lots of yummy things to eat. Alex set up the fire pit and we sat around it for most of the night chatting and drinking a couple of drinks. A few of our neighbors came out to visit...some that have lived here forever and have never met each other. I told everyone to come out and play...and a few commented on me being the one to bring everyone together. That makes me happy. The lady that we bought this house from wasn't known for her friendliness, we'll just put it that way. But, it was great to ring in the New Year with Nancy and Bruce and all the others that were there too. (I love spending time with our friends/neighbors, Nancy and Bruce!!)

New Year's Day was quiet...Brooks and Kyle flew back to Atlanta this afternoon. We all slept in this morning and I took them to the airport with Mom and Richard. It's always sad to see them go but at the same time, I know they're eager to get back home to their lives...and I'm usually ready to get us back into some sort of normalcy here too. It was nice to come home from the airport and see that Alex and the kids picked the place up a bit. I came in, commented on the house being cleaned up and then headed to the bed for a 2 hour nap. Alex woke me around 6 and asked if I wanted to take the dogs for a walk.

Oh, that's right...I almost forgot...we got another dog!!! She's a 10 month old mutt...a husky mix possibly. She looks a little bit like a shephard mix too though. Who knows what she breed she really is. All I know is that she's a sweetie and has come in and made herself right at home. We got her from a client that my sister knows from her vet's office that she works at. This couple had her but didn't feel that they could give her the energy and stimulation that she needs. They brought her over on Wednesday for us to have for a few days and "try out". Her name was Dharma when she got here but we changed her name to KODA when we realized that she'd probably be staying. Alex wasn't too sure that he could be a "two dog person" but he seems to be warming up to her now. She's a sweet dog...already house broken, sleeps in her crate at night and really isn't a chewer of anything other than her toys and bones. She loves to play and given a chance, she'd run the neighborhood...this is something that we'll be working on. I've got a call into the trainer that we used for Sunny...he's going to call me back this week and we'll start some obedience training with Koda as soon as we can. I'll post pictures of her soon too.

Tomorrow, Alex goes back to work. The kids don't go back till Wednesday. I want to get my scraproom cleaned up a bit so that I can start working on things again. I've got a mini love book to get done and up at Memory Lane. I did manage to finish my clipboard calendar and get it on display. I'll be anxious to see how many folks I get signed up for those classes. (the 15th and the 19th) I also need to think about what I want to teach in February. I know Liz will be asking about my plans for those soon too. I'm open to suggestions. But...with this scraproom looking the way its looking...I need to get busy on THAT first and foremost.

So, with that...I'll end this entry. I went to bed early tonight and woke up shortly after 11. Here it is now, almost 1:30...and I'm feeling pretty wide awake. Maybe I'll grab one of the new books that I got for Christmas and read myself to sleep.