***Another week+ has gone by...alot to mention...this is a long one!!!!***

WOW...2006...already? I remember years ago, not believing that it was the year 2000...and now it's SIX YEARS LATER...already! I think I need to slow down a bit...take things in a bit more...appreciate "time" a little better.

Our Christmas day was nice and quiet. I don't like going anywhere on Christmas Day. Since I've had children of my own, I like to stay home, in my jammies all day (if I desire) and just plain relax. This year, the kids were up before 6:30 and so excited to see what Santa brought. Josh doesn't believe anymore but he's such a sport about not blowing it for Emily. She was so fun to watch that morning and was especially fond of the note that Santa left for her, thanking her for the milk and cookies and reminding her to be good this year.

The excitement began the day after Christmas. Brooks and Kyle flew in from Atlanta and spent the week with us. We had everyone over for dinner the day after Christmas. We did the family gift exchange and ate and ate and ate some more. We had more than 20 people here and there was enough food to feed an army. After dinner, we played Scene It...guys against the gals...the guys won. Darn it. It was fun though...Alex got the game for Christmas and it was our first time playing. Emily got Scene It Jr. Maybe I can do a bit better at that version.

The week with the boys flew by, of course. We didn't do much really but I think they had fun. (hope so anyway) They went bowling with their cousin Erica and her boyfriend one night...went to a Magic Game one night, but left early because they were bored...went putt-putting one day. Brooks is almost 20 now but it's so hard to let go and let him do things on his own. He was willing to drive everyone to play putt-putt...including Emily. I think I was more worried about Emily going than anything else. But, they went and she behaved herself and had a blast. It all worked out.

New Year's Eve was fun. The weather was gorgeous and we had a "mini block party" between our house and Nancy's house. We grilled out and had lots of yummy things to eat. Alex set up the fire pit and we sat around it for most of the night chatting and drinking a couple of drinks. A few of our neighbors came out to visit...some that have lived here forever and have never met each other. I told everyone to come out and play...and a few commented on me being the one to bring everyone together. That makes me happy. The lady that we bought this house from wasn't known for her friendliness, we'll just put it that way. But, it was great to ring in the New Year with Nancy and Bruce and all the others that were there too. (I love spending time with our friends/neighbors, Nancy and Bruce!!)

New Year's Day was quiet...Brooks and Kyle flew back to Atlanta this afternoon. We all slept in this morning and I took them to the airport with Mom and Richard. It's always sad to see them go but at the same time, I know they're eager to get back home to their lives...and I'm usually ready to get us back into some sort of normalcy here too. It was nice to come home from the airport and see that Alex and the kids picked the place up a bit. I came in, commented on the house being cleaned up and then headed to the bed for a 2 hour nap. Alex woke me around 6 and asked if I wanted to take the dogs for a walk.

Oh, that's right...I almost forgot...we got another dog!!! She's a 10 month old mutt...a husky mix possibly. She looks a little bit like a shephard mix too though. Who knows what she breed she really is. All I know is that she's a sweetie and has come in and made herself right at home. We got her from a client that my sister knows from her vet's office that she works at. This couple had her but didn't feel that they could give her the energy and stimulation that she needs. They brought her over on Wednesday for us to have for a few days and "try out". Her name was Dharma when she got here but we changed her name to KODA when we realized that she'd probably be staying. Alex wasn't too sure that he could be a "two dog person" but he seems to be warming up to her now. She's a sweet dog...already house broken, sleeps in her crate at night and really isn't a chewer of anything other than her toys and bones. She loves to play and given a chance, she'd run the neighborhood...this is something that we'll be working on. I've got a call into the trainer that we used for Sunny...he's going to call me back this week and we'll start some obedience training with Koda as soon as we can. I'll post pictures of her soon too.

Tomorrow, Alex goes back to work. The kids don't go back till Wednesday. I want to get my scraproom cleaned up a bit so that I can start working on things again. I've got a mini love book to get done and up at Memory Lane. I did manage to finish my clipboard calendar and get it on display. I'll be anxious to see how many folks I get signed up for those classes. (the 15th and the 19th) I also need to think about what I want to teach in February. I know Liz will be asking about my plans for those soon too. I'm open to suggestions. But...with this scraproom looking the way its looking...I need to get busy on THAT first and foremost.

So, with that...I'll end this entry. I went to bed early tonight and woke up shortly after 11. Here it is now, almost 1:30...and I'm feeling pretty wide awake. Maybe I'll grab one of the new books that I got for Christmas and read myself to sleep.


Emily said...

Happy New Year Denise! I'm so glad you had a good visit with the boys. Hard to believe they're so grown up now! Isn't it neat starting a new year and feeling a fresh start with everything? I had to take everything out of my craft closet and I look forward to putting it all back in an organized way. Congratulations on your new pet too! Can't wait to see pics!

Stacie said...

Denise, it sounds fabulous! I'm so glad you got to spend so much time with Brooks and Kyle! :)
I'm sure its hard to watch them go again!
I can't wait to see some pics of your new puppy, too! :)

Kerri said...

Hey! Call me when you want to clean out your scrap room! I'll be there!

And....I'll be at the clipboard class. Which one do you suggest I come to? I've got to get to work on my Pixie Press stuff, too. I don't want to be unprepared like I was last time!!!!