January 23rd...already???

Here we go again...time is flying again! Wasn't it just New Year's Eve???? It can't possibly be almost the end of January already. HOLY MOLY...I think I need to slow down a little bit...breathe...take everything in and cherish every possible moment. Time is just getting a little too fast for me. YIKES!!!

OK...so I said I'd do better with the blog thing this year. I'm really starting this one off good, huh? Sheesh, January 5th was my last entry. Ooops...and Stacie tells me that I've been tagged again. Better go check out her blog and see what fun I've got waiting for me over there.

So far this month, I've...

Taught the calendar clipboard class at Memory Lane...TWICE. Had a good time with both classes and am gearing up for my Mini Love book class this Thursday and then again next Tuesday. I'm working on a Disney layout and another two page layout for the month of February.

My friend Kerri came over here for three days in a row and we spent HOURS cleaning my scraproom. We sorted embellishments by color, put stuff in bins and flat out re-organized my room. I was so happy to get it done! I've got a few things left on the dining room table that need to be sorted and moved in here. I'm sure Alex is tired of looking at it. Most of it is stuff that I'm not keeping...but I need to sort it and decide if it's giveaway stuff or stuff that I want to try to sell on Ebay.

Kerri came back over this past Saturday and we scrapped ALL DAY and into the night. I think she left sometime around midnight. We actually scrapped in my newly organized scraproom too. I never have room to set up another table to have someone else scrap in here with me...but this time, I DID!!! It was GREAT! And to top it off...we actually scrapped too!!! I got 3 pages and a card done and Kerri did like SIX pages. We watched movies and took a break to eat dinner from Firehouse Subs too. YUM!!

My computer died earlier in the month. Alex and I had talked about getting a new system for me but I didn't really want to spend the money. Well...the hard drive finally gave up and left us no choice. Alex went to Dell and put together a pretty nice system for me...one that is basically set up for doing the digi photo stuff that I like to do. AND...we got a laptop this time, with a docking station, monitor and keyboard...I can use it at home like a regular PC but can take it with me when I go to the condo, etc. It's here and set up, but we're waiting for the docking station to get here before we hook up the printer, scanner, etc. to it. At least I'm online though...I'm a happy girl! Going to install my PSE 4.0 today!

I've also started doing the cleaning challenges over at Scrapforums, this month. Each day, I share a list of daily chores that should be done each day and then a list of extras that should be done that day. I've gotten some pretty good feedback on those challenges and it's certainly helping me stay on top of things. I'm finally almost to the point where things are looking good almost every day!

The pool is just about finished!!!!! Actually...the pool itself is done, there's water in it and the pump is running...the water's cold, but that didn't stop Emily. She actually went swimming yesterday AND the day before. They did the clean up of the yard and the fence goes back up on Wednesday. I can't wait to be able to let the dogs out and not have to worry about Koda taking off over the temporary fence anymore. I'm so ready to have my backyard back. I'm tired of looking at the dirt instead of the grass. The landscape guy comes today to measure for the sod...the screen goes up around the pool sometime this week and then we need one final coat on the deck...and we're DONE!!!! Woo hoo!

I think those are the highlights of the month...I'm off for now to get some work done and then to check and see what Stacie tagged me with this time. :D

Oh, and don't forget to enter the FUNK IT UP contest at Scrapforums too!!! We're taking entries for the audition round till the 27th...better get over there and get those layouts uploaded! The winner is going to walk away with over $300 worth of prizes!!! Get in there while you can!

Thanks for reading!

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Stacie said...

Wow, lady! You've been busy!!!

Awesome about your scraproom-I need to do that bad!! Can you and Kerry come do mine, too?? :D

I can't wait to see pics of your new pool. I'm not surprised about Emily-she's a fish, I tell ya!

Love ya!