OK...here we go...

The scraproom is finished, for the most part, and there's a TON of stuff for me to move outta here. As promised, here's a list of what I have to get rid of and I'm pricing it to sell...I want it all gone!!! If you're interested, just drop me an e-mail at DBaker80@cfl.rr.com and put the item name in the subject line. I will accept Paypal payments and will only charge actual shipping costs. I hope to get everything shipped this week. (as soon as payment is made)

Thanks for looking...and be sure to point your friends in this direction too.

Everything is "gently used" unless otherwise noted. And everything that was listed before and hasn't sold yet, has been discounted even more.

SMALL WATCHMAKER'S TIN w/10 smaller containers inside $3

MAKING MEMORIES MAGNETIC STAMP TOOL, date stamp set and two alphas (stored in metal tins) ALL for $12

QUICKUTZ ALPHABETS!!!! (upper and lower sets sold seperately...all have ejection foam on them and are in the blue binder sheets)

KATIE CLASSIC uppercase $60
KATIE CLASSIC lowercase $60
buy both for $100

SONJA (retired) uppercase $60
SONJA (retired) lowercase $60
buy both for $100

sold together for $70

STUDIO CLASSIC COMPLETE alphabet set(upper, lower, numbers and punctuation) $110(retails for $169)

ELIZA CLASSIC uppercase $60
ELIZA CLASSIC lowercase $60
buy both for $100

MARISA CLASSIC uppercase $60
MARISA CLASSIC lowercase $60
buy both for $100

EK Success 6x6 Textured Cloth Covered (sage green) postbound scrapbook w/10 page protectors AND an extra pack of (10) 6x6 page protectors (this has a NOW AND FOREVER rubon on the front) $8

(3) Rollabind Crafter's Cover Kit and extra Sheet Protector page inserts (heavy duty pre-punched chipboard cover and binding discs, with a pack of 10 page inserts/protectors)
$8 EACH SET (one cover and one pack of page inserts sold as a set)

Provocraft Rolling alphabet stamp...Circa 18 pts. $7

American Traditional Designs Accordian Book
(2) Black
(2) Tan
$2.50 each or $8 for all 4 together

POCKET TAG BOOK KIT this kit has the book board cover and the tags all ready to be decorated (assembly instructions included). Does not include the paper and fibers as shown on the website. $5

Kraft colored matchbook style album...has 12 tan colored cardstock pages inside. Measures approximately 5x7 $3

5x7 spiral bound "photo journal" by All Night Media $3

Set of 12 Watercolor Pencils by General (gently used and in decent condition) $5

Junkitz License Plates (12 mini license plates w/ "love" type words on them) $3

3.875 square stack... $2
4.5 x 6.5 Spring Cardstock mat stack $3
5x7 Mat Stack $3
4.5 x 6.5 Fall Mat Stack (solid) $3
4.5 x 6.5 Fall Mat Stack prints $4
4.5 x 6.5 Classic Prints and Cardstock Stack $4
6 x 6 printed paper stack $4
4.5x6.5 Retro Prints mat Stack $4

Classic Glimmer Chalk set (9 colors) $3
9 pack of Decorating Chalks (pale yellow, light mauve, wedgewood and more) $3
9 pack of Decorating Chalks (Coral, Rose, Eggplant, Plum and more...one square broken $2

JUNKITZ Swatchz (3 pcs of 6 x 12 fabric, 1 each, light yellow, blue striped and yellow/blue striped) $2

Robin's Nest 12 in. mesh (2 packs...1 silver and 1 gold) sold together $1

Scrapyard 329 Wire Mesh 12 in. sheets (one silver and one gold) $2


Making great progress!!

The scraproom is coming together nicely. I've been working on it feverishly...working toward the goal of having it complete by this weekend. I've got a ton of stuff to let go of...I need to get a bunch put up here...and will try and do that either tomorrow or the next day. If you want to see some of the progress...here's a picture that I took tonight.

My organizer friend is coming over again tomorrow. Even though its so terribly late tonight, Rachel will push me to get lots more done tomorrow!!!

I just finished the 8th of 9 discs of an audio book that I've been listening to. Usually, with just one disc left, I'd stay up and listen. But it's almost 1:30 am and I am going to hate myself in the morning!!!

Keep watching tomorrow and the next day...I'll have idea books, magazines, unmounted alphabet stamps, alphabet stickers and MORE! I might even lower the price of the QK too...just to make it go away. Its such a freeing feeling to get this stuff outta here!

Until tomorrow...or the next day...



Cleaning out the scraproom!!!

I'm over the clutter...can't stand the mess anymore. So, I'm cleaning out the scraproom. I've taken the corner desk out and have put up a 4 ft folding table in the corner and have moved the wire shelves over the folding table. The table will act as my computer table. I'll take pics as soon as Alex gets all of the wires and cables all hooked up again.

I've cleaned out the cabinets over the built in desk...part of them anyway. That's where I housed all the alterable goodies. Well, I gotta tell ya...there is more alterable up there than any THREE people should have. I've sorted everything and put them into baskets and those baskets are up on one of the shelves over the computer desk.

Oh...and while I'm cleaning out the scraproom...I'm going to list things here that I'd like to get rid of. All of it is "gently used" (if ever used at all) If you're interested in anything listed here, just drop me an e-mail and I'll get back with you. Shipping will only cost you what it costs to send it...actual shipping charges.

Be sure to share this with your friends...I'll be adding stuff regularly and will do my best to mark them as they're sold. Oh, and I prefer to be paid through PAYPAL.

First round...(links provided for some items)

PENDING: Z BECKY BROWN PURSE (white handled) never used...$45

SOLD LOT OF ALTERABLE GOODIES (pill tin, rectangle tin *similar to an altoid tin, round metal CD tin, metal pencil tin, spiral bound journal, small hinged box, small magnetic closure *purse*, small children's board book, wooden door hanger) $7

SMALL WATCHMAKER'S TIN w/10 smaller containers inside $5









Two other magnetic stamp alphabets...stored in metal tins. (very small alphas) Both alphas, in the tins, sold together for $6 (sorry no picture of these)

PENDING: CROPPER HOPPER EMBELLISHMENT BOX (with more than 75 empty mini square boxes inside, holds 90 boxes total) Great for storing ribbon click here to see an example. $20

SOLD 2 DIFFERENT SANDWICH SIZE BAGGIES OF FLOWERS...MOSTLY PRIMAS! (hundreds of flowers in all shapes, sizes and colors in each bag) $10 EACH

QUICKUTZ ALPHABETS!!!! (upper and lower sets sold seperately...all have ejection foam on them and are in the blue binder sheets)

KATIE CLASSIC uppercase $70
KATIE CLASSIC lowercase $70
buy both for $120

SONJA (retired) uppercase $70
SONJA (retired) lowercase $70
buy both for $120

sold together for $80

(upper, lower, numbers and punctuation) $110
(retails for $169)

ELIZA CLASSIC uppercase $70
ELIZA CLASSIC lowercase $70
buy both for $120

MARISA CLASSIC uppercase $70
MARISA CLASSIC lowercase $70
buy both for $120

Check back often...I'll add more as I find it. There'll be PLENTY!!!!!!

e-mail me at dbaker80@cfl.rr.com if you're interested in any of the items above. Please put the name of the item in the subject line. I'll get back to you as soon as I can to get paypal address to you and to get the shipping address from you.



They're at it again!!

Scrapforums is doing it again!!!! They're starting another FUNK IT UP contest!! You can get all the info here...


Man rules?????

OK...my friend that works for the power company came by this morning to check the plug that I zapped yesterday...come to find out...DH didn't reset all the breakers in the box and that's all it was...a tripped breaker. My friend said that I didn't need him because Alex fixed it himself. And then Alex told me that he couldn't tell me how he fixed it because of the "MAN RULES". In other words...he felt silly and he'd have to give up a MAN CARD if I knew that he hadn't checked everything. I guess I just need to remember that I am NOT married to an electrician...or a plumber. Oh well...it's fixed now. And my shower light, bathroom outlet and all the plugs in my bedroom are all working nicely once again. LOL

The retirement party was very nice last night. I went with my friend, Nancy, who teaches at Em's school. No matter what, I always have a great time when I'm with Nancy cuz she's a hoot and has the best sense of humor EVER...and can crack you up in a heartbeat. But, besided the good company, the party itself wasn't so bad. I got more than 100 pictures for the principal to have as a reminder of this great time. Josh's first grade teacher was there...she teaches at a different school now and she came to celebrate with us. It was so fun to see her and catch up on things. She can't believe that Josh is now in TENTH grade. LOL

I got home by 11...but sat up on the computer chatting with my good friend Michele, and a few of the gals from The Shaker Box. They had me cracking up so badly that I was crying! We were trying out a new chat feature at the Shaker but others were able to pop in and out...so as soon as a stranger would come in, we'd chase them outta there. It was HILARIOUS!! I was afraid I was going to wake Alex and the kids from laughing.

Today, I slept till 10. Gotta love that! I've ran a load of dishes in the d/w, working on the second load of clothes and am getting ready to run Emily to a birthday party. She's all decked out and is so excited to go to this party. Little girls are so funny like that! After that party, we have to go to dinner with my bil, sil and nephew...it's our nephew's birthday celebration tonight too. It'll be fun.

Not too much more to write about today...other than the fact that you should check this out. Another fine class by Shimelle. I'll be doing this one next weekend!!!

Till next time.... :)



Ahhhh...the weekend.

It's so quiet right now...Josh went to help a friend of ours clean out his garage. (for $$) Emily's still sleeping after being up till after midnight last night. And Alex just went back to sleep...after having poker night here till 2am. I'm now sitting in the scraproom, drinking a peanut butter/banana (with a touch of choc) smoothie...enjoying this peacefulness. Even the dogs are quiet right now. Sunny's curled up in the bed with Alex and Koda's looking out the dining room window watching for squirrels and cats. As soon as she sees one, things won't be so quiet anymore. LOL

So, I was in the bedroom this morning, being lazy...and decided to plug in the laptop and check my favorite scrapbook boards. (My usual morning routine) I went to plug in the power cord and the outlet sparked, zapped and popped...only to knock out the power to everything on that plug and the other plug on the same wall. Scared the bejeebers outta me. Luckily there doesn't seem to be any type of damage to the laptop, thank goodness! Just talked to a friend of mine that works for the power company. He's going to come over tomorrow to fix the two outlets. He says there's nothing to worry about them...just not to use them till they're fixed. Okie dokie, no problem. Electrical stuff scares the crap outta me!

Alex had his poker buddies over here last night and it was a success. Well, for some, it was an even bigger success. Alex didn't win a thing...Josh played a couple of games and actually won one. So, he gets to pay me back the $$ that I lent him to play the first one he sat in.

The kids and I had gone out for a few hours at the beginning of the evening. We had dinner at Sweet Tomatoes with Mom, Taylor and Tawny. We met there at 6:30 and they were PACKED. This made it tough to make the 7:30 showing of Charlotte's Web. By the time we got out of the restaurant and to the movie theater, it was 7:40. I was going to buy the tickets at the ATM type ticket thing to save some time but they were both turned off. WTH...it's FRIDAY NIGHT! I go upstairs to the ticket booth and the lines are FOREVER long! I called my mom's cell and told her I didn't think it'd be a good idea. By the time we'd get into the movie, we'd have missed a good portion of the beginning of the movie. No thanks.

I wasn't sure what we'd do then...it was just before 8 and there was really no way that I should take the kids home this early. We went to AC Moore, to the kids dismay...they can't stand going to any type of craft store with me. Although, at AC Moore, Emily found a cute little wooden box that she wants to decorate and Josh got found a canvas and a couple of thing to make for his girlfriend. I picked up some new stipple brushes, blending stubs and the latest Take Ten idea book. By now, it was about 8:45...still a little too early to head home. So we head over to Barnes and Noble. Josh wanted to look for a new James Patterson book and I figured Emily would have fun looking for the latest Junie B. Jones book.

We get to Barnes and Noble and there's a HUGE celebration going on. There's a big book signing going on...Janet Evanovich is there signing her latest novel, Plum Lovin'. Everyone was decked in purple t-shirts, purple balloons were flying everywhere...music was playing loudly and things were rocking! There were literally HUNDREDS of people there waiting to have their books signed. LITERALLY HUNDREDS!!!! There were people there that had been there for HOURS, waiting for their number to be called. Everyone was given a wrist band with a number on it and they called 50 numbers at a time. We talked to one woman that had been there since 6pm...just waiting. Another couple was there, with two little ones...the husband said something the wife and I saw the wife say "I didn't realize it'd be this crazy". I didn't get a wrist band to have the chance to meet the author, but Josh found a couple of books that he wants to read, I picked up a couple of magazines to look at while Emily searched the kid's section. We all enjoyed the music...especially when they played SWEET CAROLINE...we love that song...thanks Kyle! **grin**

By now, it's getting closer to 10...and I've decided to go ahead and start heading home. While heading down Conway Rd., Josh and I notice that the people in the car next to us are gawking at us. A man and a little girl, maybe around 10 or 11. And they were really gawking. Like maybe they know us or something. They wave, we wave back...LOL. So, at the next stoplight, they roll down the window and start chatting with us. Here, we learn that there are two little boys in the back seat. One of them says "who are you???". By this time, Josh is cracking up...getting the biggest kick out of what he thinks is someone hitting on his mom. HEAVEN FORBID! So, I started feeding into that...told him that the guy was probably looking for a mom for his kids...but that's ok...sorry, dude...I've got enough kids of my own. Josh couldn't WAIT to get home and tell Alex (and all of his friends) about the guy that was flirting with Mom on the way home. I kindly reminded Josh that even though I'm FORTY, I'm not old...and that there really are some people that might still find me attactive. BRAT!!

Well, Em's awake, finally! I'm sure she'll be wanting something to eat soon. I need to work on some finance stuff today. Get things in line for the new year...a couple weeks late...but better late than never, right???

Till next time!!


More than a month already???

I am the world's WORST blogger...I'll just say that now and get it over with.

Let's see...I'll try and remember everything that's happened in the past month and five days. And then give a general summary of all of it here. WARNING: This may get long.

First off...So far NOTHING is showing up in the tests that the dr's are running for the anemia/low hemoglobin. I do NOT have Celiac Disease and the biopsies that were sent off from my Gatroscopy have all come back "normal" but "consistent with reflux". I don't have the symptoms of reflux, but apparently, as I get older it could happen. So, I have a standing order for bloodtests every 3-4 weeks to monitor my blood levels. I also had to have a pelvic ultrasound to see if there is anything going on there that could cause my periods to be too heavy. (TMI? sorry) I had that done today and won't know the results for a little while.

On a good note though...my hemoglobin levels have started to rise with the taking of the full strength iron supplements. I've gone from 8.2 to 9.6 and the latest was a 10.4. Woo hoo...I'm almost NORMAL! (if there's any such thing) I'll have my next blood test done in about a week or so.

Oh, and...I'm feeling much better too! I can actually make it pretty much the entire week without needing to take that 3 hour nap that was happening quite regularly. Now...to start using that extra time a little more wisely.

Along with the ultrasound today, I also had my annual Mammogram. OH MY GAWSH!!! The girls are just NOT supposed to be smooshed that way. I'm still sore! Glad THAT'S over with too! I think that was enough poking, prodding and smashing to last me a good while now.

Our Christmas was very good. I had been rather emotional a few days before Christmas. Worrying about the amount of money that was spent...worrying about the kids being ungrateful...all sorts of things. Christmas morning came and both kids were thrilled with everything and just being with Alex and the kids for the entire day, staying in my jammies all day and enjoying being together...took all of those worries away. It ended up being such a great day! Santa brought Alex an electronic dartboard that went out on the pool deck/backporch. I can't even begin to tell you how many games of darts we've played since Christmas Day. (it's slowed down a bit now that everyone's back to work and school)

We had the big Christmas dinner/family get together on the day after Christmas. We did it a bit more casually this year than usual. Instead of a big sit down type dinner, I had everything set out "buffet style" and everyone ate as they wanted. Grabbing from the buffet as they felt the urge. It was much more relaxing this way...and nobody went away hungry. That's for darn sure!

Kyle got here on the 27th. And as always, it was so much fun having him around. Let me tell ya...my son Kyle has an amazing sense of humor. He's so witty and always has something funny to say. He and Alex go round and round about the Cardinals and the Cubs. For Kyle's sake, I sure hope the Cubs can do something next season.

We had a very low key get together for New Year's Eve. I had told quite a few people that our house would be open for the night but only a couple of folks came by and it was rather nice actually. Josh's girlfriend and her family came over. Neighbors from down the road came by too. We played more darts...some folks played Texas Hold 'Em...we toasted at midnight and called it a night shortly there after. We couldn't stay up too late because Kyle and I were headed to Jacksonville the following day with Mr. Bruno and Philip to see the Ga. Tech Yellow Jackets and the W. Va. Mountaineers play in the Gator Bowl.

Tech played a great game but lost 38-35. Those Mountaineers are some rough folk, I tell ya! Well, some of them were. We had quite a few roudy (and drunk) ones in front of us...one girl was quite trashed. She spent the entire second half of the game passed out with her head on the seat in front of her and a popcorn tub between her legs for the "just in case". Kyle and Philip were razzed pretty badly by a few rude Mountaineers, but Mr. Bruno and I actually had fun with a few of the not so rude ones. Kyle was very happy to have been able to go to the game...and that's what mattered most. (for a while there, I wasn't sure if we'd just be watching the game on the big screen)

School started back without a hitch...Kyle got back to Atlanta safely and is happy to be back to school. He really missed playing Ultimate every night. Even though Philip tried to get a group of guys together to play, it just never came to be.

Alex got back to work and has been working his tail end off...he's got the guys coming over here tomorrow night for Poker Night. It'll be a nice diversion from the stressful week he's had. Keep your fingers crossed that he actually WINS this time. They play almost once a month and I don't think he does very well. (I don't think he ever really tells me exactly how much he's lost though)

I have been scrapping a little bit over the last couple of days. I've done a single page and a double page spread. I still need to scan the two pager and put it in the gallery. I actually used a sketch for the Blue Prints call...I'm still trying to decide if I want to submit it. It's actually pretty simple. Not really sure if it's magazine worthy. But, who knows...I could be surprised. So, we'll see. I'm hoping to get some time to scrap this weekend. Key word being HOPING...

Oh, and my time in the Superbowl of Scrapbooking at Memory Creators came to an end this month too. The last round was a member voting round and I didn't make the cut. That was ok though...I had fun while it lasted. That had been my first contest like that and I gave it my all and created layouts that I really like too. So...wasn't too bad at all.

And on that note...I think I'll close once again. I've been ready to go to bed since 7:30...I've made it till 9. I think its late enough for me to call it a night. Tomorrow I'll be getting the house ready for poker night, making lasagna for the guys, and I also need to do some volunteer time at Em's school. It's going to be a big girl day for me tomorrow.

G'Night, my friends!!