HI HO...HI HO...

It's off to work I go! And yes, I'm extremely excited about it too!

I've not worked outside of the home in almost 9 yrs and lately I've been feeling...well...I couldn't really pinpoint it, but a friend of mine posted something today that hit home for me. I'll share a bit of what she shared (name withheld)...

I feel like I am bobbing in a very small dingy set adrift in a vast ocean.

Somewhere out there is a tropical paradise of happiness – I just have to point my Good Ship Lollypop in the right direction. The only problem is that I don’t have a compass, and I can’t find the Northern Star.


I am not the wife, mother, friend, daughter… the PERSON I want to be. I need to step back and re-evaluate what I am and what I want.

I wasn't really sure how I was feeling but when I read what my friend wrote about herself, a little lightbulb went off in my head and I suddenly had this feeling of "OH MY GOSH...I COULD HAVE WRITTEN THIS!!"

All of these feelings have led me to think about finding something to do with my time. I was originally going to wait till school starts back in August but something came open that I really couldn't turn down.

Someone that I worked at the auction with many moons ago, has decided to open a scrapbook store. I'd heard this rumor but hadn't heard anything more since the first part of the year. But on Thursday, Debbie contacted me, out of the blue, to see if I'd be interested in teaching SB classes at her new store. I told her that I wasn't sure about the teaching but that I was thinking about going back to work part time. After a couple more conversations and a few details worked out, I'm now a part time employee of PIKTAILS Scrapook store in Hunter's Creek.

Right now, the store is open but we're still in the very early set up stages. People are free to come in and shop the stuff that she has already stocked on the shelves but the calendar and class schedules will be out very soon...and TONS more merchandise is already on order and will be coming in regularly.

For right now, my job is to work on display pages and class kits. We're working on getting the place decorated with page samples and black and white photos throughout the store. It's a work in progress, but the progress is certainly coming together nicely.

Today, I worked on the a Bo Bunny album kit to sample for a class and also a two page sample layout to display on the wall. I certainly cannot complain about scrapping all day and getting paid to do it. Eh?

Oh, I got to chat with a few customers and I had a quick lesson on the cash register too. Hopefully our EK Success order will be in tomorrow!! Ahhhhh...the smell and feel of a fresh box of scrapping goodies!

I'll post the link to the store as soon as the website is up and running!

For now...I'm headed to bed. Didn't get much sleep last night. My mind was racing with ideas and I was like a kid trying to sleep the last night before going back to school.

Till next time...good night!


HE'S HOME!!!!!

Josh got home last night...just before midnight. We're so happy to have him home too! We stayed up till after 2am listening to his stories and looking at the pictures that he took on his trip. And I must say, he got some really fun shots too! I've taught him well!

We all slept in this morning. I didn't get up till 10:45. YIKES!

Josh unpacked his suitcase and gave everyone the goodies that he brought home for us. And of course, the sure sign that he's home...a picture of his room and what it normally looks like. HA...the child hasn't been home for a full day yet and his room is DESTROYED! LOL

My boy is HOME!!


So sad...

Well, it's official...our Sunny girl has Cancer. Our sweet canine companion...the girl that has been such a great big part of our family for the last 9 1/2 yrs. has an aggressive type of cancer that started with a lump by her anal gland. Its spread to her lymph nodes already and according to the vet, it's probably in other areas of her body too. Surgery to remove the lump will be painful and basically not an option because it's already spread. Chemo and radiation aren't recommended due to the severity of the Cancer. Basically, we'll put her on anti-inflammatory drugs, immune boosters and vitamins...and make the most of the time that she has with us.

Right now, she's not showing any signs of discomfort. When she does, we'll take the measures that need to be taken. Right now though, it's too tough to even think about life without her here.

Sunny has been the best dog EVER. A faithful, loving companion. The protector of the household. She was dealt a tough hand...having to have a blood transfusion to save her life as a puppy...having hip dysplacia and having bilateral hip surgery at 16 months old...and now this. Luckily, we've spoiled her rotten and we are positive that we've given her the best life possible, outside of the other issues she's had to deal with.

It's going to be so hard to see her go.

The picture here was taken today...she's lounging on Josh's bed. Snuggling his body pillow. What a good life she has.


In my inbox this morning

I woke up this morning to a bunch of pictures from the kids in New Zealand. Josh said that some of the kids are taking pics with their phones and then sending to a blog that they're using to share some stuff with the folks back home. These two made me happy because they're two of the few shared that have Josh in them.

I don't know anything about these pictures other than the fact that the first one was apparently taken at a Sound Studio of some sort. I assume Josh and the other person were posing as anchormen? Josh is wearing a curly wig and this get up just cracked me up. That's my boy...always being a goof.

Of course, the second picture is again, Josh being a goof. Some of the kids had their faces painted for a Rugby Match. I think he said that New Zealand was playing France and they painted their faces to support the NZ team. There were a few other pictures shared...one looking as if they were posing as KISS band members...tongues hanging out and all. LOL I really cannot wait for Josh to get home and give he his commentary on these pictures and the ones the "tons" of pictures that he promises that he's been taking too.

They're on their way to Australia today...and more fun to begin soon.

I've been scrapping more too. (the image here is clickable to see a larger pic of this layout) So far, I've finished 6 of the 11 challenges posted at Lifetime Moments. I didn't get anything done yesterday or today and with a new challenge posted each day, I could fall wayyyyyyyy behind really quickly. I have a new set of pictures sitting on the desk right now, just waiting to pick paper to go along with them. I'm planning on using one of the LM challenges with them, so wish me luck.

Emily and I have played together a lot today. We spent a lot of time in the pool actually. She loves to have me in there with her. I'm usually a big wimp unless the water temps reach close to 90*. Water temps are at about 84* and with 92* air temps, the water was actually quite comfy. We got out to get her drawers cleaned out in preperation for a garage sale we're having this weekend. By the time we were finished, it was storming. It was still fun to play like that for a while.

Now, to figure out what's for dinner. I'm thinking chicken salad sandwiches and fruit salad. Nice and light for this hot day.



Josh called again today and I finally got to talk to him. It seemed that everyone else was talking to him but me and I was beginning to get a little upset. The last time he called, I was working concessions to help pay for Crew this next season. He sounds so happy and like he's having a GREAT time! He loves New Zealand and said that he thinks it's gorgeous over there. He also said he can't imagine Australia being better than New Zealand. I told him to just wait...he'll be impressed with the Aussies too, I'm sure! Oh, and he assures me that he's taking PLENTY of pictures and might even need to buy a new memory card while he's there. That's my boy!

I've been keeping myself busy with scrapping this week.I found my mojo last week while working on my circle journal and its still hanging around. I think I've done a double page layout and 3 or 4 different single page layouts...AND 2 cards too. I love it when the mojo comes to stay for a bit too.

Once again, I'm playing along with the folks at Lifetime Moments for their Summer Scrapfest. Its a little different this time though...no more mad scrapping to get as many possible points as possible. This time, they're posting a new challenge each day. At first I wasn't sure if I'd like this way, but this week they threw out a new bonus. If the temperature reaches 87* in Wixom, MI. then that day's challenge counts as THREE points. That sure makes it a bit easier to earn the points. Two days this week have been eligible for the bonus...but according to weather.com, things will be a bit cooler over the next few days.

Another great thing with this session is that we have all summer to get the challenges complete. It's not a scrap each day thing, unless you make it that. I've completed three of the eight challenges posted. And there's plenty of time to get the others done. I hope to get a couple more done, maybe even get caught up, over the weekend.

For now, I've got a kitchen that's screaming for attention and a load of laundry to be folded. Until next time...


He called!!!

But I missed the call, darn it! Emily and I were on the couch watching the recording of "So You Think You Can Dance" and I didn't hear the phone ringing till it was too late. Josh called to let us know that things were going great!

He said that it was about 40 something degrees and that the hot springs were steaming alot. They'd gone swimming last night...I assume it was in the springs. It was about 5:30am there and they were up and getting ready for breakfast and then a busy day was planned ahead. He sounded tired but said that he had "little to no" jet lag.

Emily and I just stayed around the house today and got things cleaned up. Em was a great helper. It was a rather productive day...so the time went kind of quickly. Tomorrow we're going to check out a gymnastics camp. If we like it, Em will go the remainder of this week and maybe another week this summer. I think it'll be great for her to have something to do and a gymnastics camp will be right up her alley. The dance studio has a camp for two different weeks in July, but I think Em would enjoy getting out and doing something before then.

And for now, I'm listening to my latest audio book and cleaning up the scraproom.

Until later...


Loooong but GREAT day here!

All packed and ready to go!!!

Today was the day that Josh left for his People to People trip to New Zealand and Australia. We started the day with a breakfast at our favorite local/family owned breakfast place, Conway Cafe, before heading to the airport.

I couldn't believe the number of people at the airport today. Gosh...there was hardly room to move. And this wasn't just from our group either. I'm assuming that maybe Tropical Storm Barry had a bit to do with it. The P2P plane to LA wasn't delayed though...maybe it was just a crazy busy travel day?

Josh was so excited about this trip...but a little nervous too. I guess that's to be expected. He said that he felt like he was forgetting something. I told him that this is "normal" when you're headed away from home. I think he was just ready to get on the plane and get on their way. Here's a fun pic that I took of Josh and his girlfriend, Teri...they were sure having fun, eh? This was a much more pleasant site than another student and his girlfriend. Oh my goodness...it's a wonder she didn't make it on the plane with him...she was literally attached to the boy. Playing kissy face, sucking on his ears, him holding her with her legs wrapped around his waist. And yes, this was all in public...it was rather sickening, IMO. And had that been MY SON and his girlfriend...it would have certainly been broken up. I even thanked Josh and his girlfriend for NOT acting like that...EVER.

I had to leave the airport, before Josh even headed to security, to rush home and get Em ready for her dance recital. Her call time was 1:00 for a 2pm recital. We cut it a little short...getting there a couple of minutes after 1, but with plenty of spare time before show time.

Recital was beautiful, as it always is. The dancer's at our studio really know how to put on a show. I love to watch them perform. Its a LOOOOOONG show, but fun, nonetheless. Emily didn't dance until a couple of numbers before the end, but it was so worth the wait, IMO. She shined on that stage...smiling from ear to ear...dancing her heart out. This was the first year that she looked like she was genuinely having fun and knew the dance very well. And I'm such a sap...I was almost in tears watching her. Also grinning from ear to ear. And she turned the right way this time too! After how many times of saying "did you know you turned the wrong way again?" I saw her think about it first and then turned the right way. Woo hoo...way to go, Emily!

Next year's dance classes will start in August. Emily's enjoyed this year so much that she wants to be in THREE classes and possibly Dance Co. next year. Oh dear...am I ready for that? I told her today that Dance Co. might have to wait till Josh is finished with Crew and goes to college. Was that bad of me? I think I could do the time thing (key words: I THINK)...it's the cha ching that scares me! LOL

The day is almost at an end now. Josh called to tell us that they made in to LA safely. They'll be leaving for their 16 hour flight to New Zealand in the wee hours of tonight. I'm sure we'll hear from them tomorrow, when they get there. Until then, I'll be in touch with a few of the other parents of the students on this trip. Only 19 more days till Josh returns. I'm sure gonna miss that kid!