How is it???

That a comment from your 14 yr old DS can spark a mood like no other??? I had asked my DH to run to the store for me to pick up some stuff for dinner...he said he wasn't hungry...this meant, I was on my own for running to the store. When 14 yr old son asks "what's for dinner??" and I said "I wasn't sure yet...asked dad to go to the store but he didn't want to" and the smart mouth 14 yr old replied "Well, we worked hard today!" In other words, you didn't do squat while Dad and I spent an hour, maybe two, pulling up the carpet on the back porch and cleaning out the shed. (getting ready for the pool to be started) This was said in the middle of my beautifully cleaned scraproom, no less...but in the 14 yr old's eyes, nothing that I do in the scraproom is considered "working". WHATEVER!!!

This threw me right into a pissy mood. I went to the grocery store BY MYSELF...took a little bit of extra time to cool off.

Then drove the 14 yr old to youth group and he said he was sorry but I told him that I didn't appreciate the lack of respect and appreciation for what I do. He then replied that he knew "exactly how I felt"...I then had to remind him that he couldn't know how I felt because he wasn't a parent being looked down upon by their 14 yr old son. This child does not understand that he is NOT my equal...and I'm not quite sure how to get him to understand this.



Edited to add (4:21pm): Just finished vacuuming the floor and am ready to create something. Not quite sure what yet, but I'm thinking. I still have a few things to put away...the little things...but they're stashed away nicely and the room looks neat and tidy once again.

I guess I might want to think about getting dressed today too. I've been in my jammies all day. Not that I have anywhere to go...but I really should get dressed.

Edited to add (2:03pm): I got a few things scanned to list on Ebay and have made very little progress on the floor stuff. I'm losing steam and tempted to just close the door and go hang out with DH and digi scrap for a while. Oh, I did get some really cool altered letters hung up that my friend Cheryl sent me for my b-day. She's so cool and so talented...and the letters look GREAT on my scraproom wall!!

Edited to add (12:10pm): I have both the computer desk and the scrapdesk cleaned off. Now I need to work on the huge pile of stuff that gets tossed on the floor. (bags that aren't unloaded, etc)

Ha...moving right along!!

That's me! This is a picture of what my scrap desk looks like right now...
just the scrap desk. You can't see the floor, or the computer desk. I swear I don't know how it gets so cluttered so quickly. I know I have far too much in the lines of scrapbooking supplies...maybe that's the problem? Nah...I won't admit to that. NEVER! I think I just need to come up with a more organized way of storing stuff. Yeah, that's it...that's what I'll blame it on. Disorganization.

Well, this is what I'll be working on today. And after I get it cleaned up again...I need to work on cleaning up after each layout. This is absolutely ridiculous. I can't create in this kind of mess...I just can't!

Off to work on the computer desk first. And then will work my way around the room. I could be buried alive in here I think. YIKES!


Good friends, good times!!

Tonight we had the Comstock's over for dinner and a few beers. They were our neighbors at the other house and we've not seen them nearly enough as we would like to since we both moved.

Alex and Jerry have had a long time rivalry going between them with Nebraska and Missouri football each Fall. Missouri beat Nebraska this year and of course, Alex takes advantage of this and rubs it in Jerry's nose as best way possible. Today, we picked up a big dried cornhusk at the pumpkin patch and took it to Jerry's house. He loves the bantering and we all have a great laugh over it. We invited their family over for dinner tonight and they just left not too long ago.

It was nice to sit outside by the fire pit, laughing, drinking beer, roasting marshmallows. It was a lot like old times and we really do need to do that more often. Sitting out there got us even more anxious to get the pool built so that we can do that way more often! The weather here right now is perfect...jacket temps, no bugs. LOVE IT!

After playing Bunco last night though, having to have Emily at cheer by 8:30 this morning and then a few beers tonight...man, I'm tired! There is NOTHING going on in the morning. I can actually sleep in! I can't stress how much I look forward to sleeping in tomorrow!!



Random crap...

Yep...that's what this is...random crap! Probably pretty boring random crap too.

YAY, it's Friday! Hubby's been gone since Sunday and will be home tonight! I'm ready to have him home again. Sometimes its a nice break to have him travel for work, but it's always nice to have him come home too. Especially after being gone for 6 days!! I don't think he's ever been gone for that long at one time. When he's not home, everything falls apart. I get lazier than I already am...I tend to not do the housework till the day before he gets home and the kids and I end up eating out almost every night. All of that gets boring after a while though. This week has been extra trying with Hurricane Wilma, the kids being sick...glad it's the weekend!

Tonight I'm going to play BUNCO with my monthly bunco group. I've been hemming and hawing over whether or not to go. I know I'll get there and have a blast, but part of me tells me to just stay home and relax tonight. See hubby when he gets home instead of at midnight or later. DD has a cheer game at 8:30 tomorrow morning so I'll need to be up and ready for that bright and early. (especially considering she was sick for last weekend's game and I blew off the week before that because of a headache) I called my friend Kris and she told me to just go...of course, she'll be there. And I always have a blast when I'm with her.

The LSS owner has asked that I start teaching at her store. She asked me a few years ago and I was just not confident enough to accept. I've grown so much in my scrapping abilities and talents now and probably would have a great time at teaching others the art of scrapbooking. I'm just scared that I won't be able to come up with ideas, etc. that people would even want to take a class for. (even though I've already started a list of things that I want to do for classes) I stopped by the store today and picked up the contract to look at closer. Hubby and I will talk more about it this weekend too. I don't give myself enough credit. I know it...I need to work on getting over that, I think.

DS just called...time to get him from Crew practice. Sometimes I wish he could find a ride home with someone. I'm sure there are others that come by our neighborhood...he's just too nice to ask anyone. The only one he likes to put out is mamma. I'm off for now to go get him...when I get back, I need to put the clean sheets back on our bed, sort and put away all the clean laundry from yesterday and today and then start getting ready to go play Bunco. I'll have to go by the grocery store to get some sort of snack to share and of course, a six pack of Corona and a lime too. Can't play Bunco without the Corona. ;)