Banana Pudding, Brownies and Chocolate Covered Pretzels...

That's what I did today. Well, not actually till this afternoon/evening. Every year, I try to bake goodies and give a plate of them to our favorite neighbors. I was beginning to wonder if I'd be able to get this done this year but I can't "not" do it. Each year, I do the baking and I let the kids deliver the goodies. I think it helps them to understand the good in giving. Plus, Em enjoys helping me do the baking.

So tomorrow, we'll finish up the cookies and get everything packaged up and ready. I certainly hope that tomorrow brings a better mood for me. Today was a tough one. I was so uptight and grumpy. Emily tested me at every turn too. I don't want another day like that. My mom always gets grumpy during the holidays and I really don't want to be like that. I want to be happy and enjoy the holidays. When you're grumpy and everything is such a chore, it takes the joy out of the holiday. Those are the types of holiday memories that I have from my childhood and I really don't want to pass those on to my kids.

So, for now...I will take a deep breath, get a good night's sleep and work on focusing to get as much done as possible tomorrow. It helps too, that Alex is now on vacation till after the first of the New Year. He'll be able to help too.

Oh, and on a great note...the pool deck will be poured in the next few days. They're shooting for a Friday pour, but chances are, it'll be next week. The deck was mostly formed today. They'll be here first thing to get it all finished. Then we're scheduled for an inspection. The deck guy told me that he'd try for a deck pour for Friday but the concrete company might be booked up trying to get as many jobs in before Christmas. If we can't have it done Friday, they'll shoot for Tuesday or Wednesday. I'll be happy to have a deck before the New Year's Eve party that we're planning to have.

The next step will be the finish on the inside of the pool, then a final grade and clean up. The screen is a little behind schedule, but it'll be done before we can actually swim. Once the final grade happens, we can put the fence back up, resod the yard and actually put water in the pool too. Woo hoo!!!! We're getting closer!

OK...I'm off for now. Was thinking about maybe taking a hot bath before calling it a night. I did just get my new Papercrafts magazine today. It's always nice to kick back in a hot bath and read for a while.

See ya!


More than a week?????

How in the world did THAT happen???? I was doing so well at updating my blog every few days and WHAM...life got crazy and more than a week has gone by. WOW! Time sure flies! (even if you aren't having fun!)

Let's see...in that week...I...:

Spent the weekend at Disney for Emily's birthday. Went over Saturday afternoon and stayed through Sunday night. We went to the Very Merry Christmas party and had a blast. Emily said it's her best birthday EVER. I took tons of pictures and we got just as many autographs. I had cut up 4x4 sheets of cardstock and used those for the autographs. Now...we just need to get the pictures ordered and make a little book with them.

Got more than 100 Christmas cards (the picture card things) addressed and are ready for tomorrow's mail. It just dawned on me on Friday that I only have a week left before Christmas. I need to get my rear in gear.

Finished the 20 Reindeer bags for Emily's class. (and they were a huge hit with the kids and the parents too...so easy to carry everything home in and boy were they PACKED!!)

Spent more than 10 hours at the school volunteering over the past two weeks. Helping with the stockings, the party and anything else that they needed help with. I usually volunteer in one class for just one hour a week. It was nice though to be able to help wherever they needed it.

Had to cancel my to-from tag class at Memory Lane. There were only two people signed up for the class. I didn't take it personally though...I know everyone was busy and December classes just aren't big. Now, on to January classes. I've got two projects twirling in my head...just need to get them finished and on display. I think I'm going to do a day and a night class for each. Wish me luck that all goes well with those. I'm anxious to get a few classes under my belt and to feel more secure in teaching.

My friend Michele came to visit on Tuesday. She's the owner of The Shaker Box. Her dad lives in Sarasota and she was here visiting him. She and her little girl, Lilly, came over for the day and spent the night here Tuesday night. Emily and Lilly took a little while to get used to each other but by the end of the evening, Lilly was calling Emily her "best friend". Michele and I made a yummy spaghetti dinner and then made cards together till after the girls were in bed. My friend Kerri came over too...it was great to see her again and she couldn't believe that Michele and I had never met IRL before that day. Oh, and can you believe...neither one of us remembered to take pictures while they were here. Uggghhh!!!!

I helped the Boy Scouts make luminary kits for our annual Luminaria sale. We spent 4 hours at the church Friday night making kits and then the guys spent all day Saturday delivering the kits and collecting the $$. Emily and I only helped for a couple of hours on Saturday though. It was a misty and almost chilly day. I had a little bit of a sore throat working and just wanted to be home on the couch, under a blanket.

I read the entire book, My Friend Leonard, by James Frey. I finished his book, A Million Little Pieces, while we were at the hotel at Disney. The check in girl told me to be sure to move right on to the other book. I didn't even know there WAS another book. The first book is all about the author's stay and fight through rehab. He was terribly addicted to drugs and alcohol and was killing himself at just 24 yrs old. Great book!!!! The second book was about the next few years outside of rehab and his relationship with a guy that he became friends with in rehab. I read that one in just two days!!! I couldn't put it down. A definite recommendation for both books to anyone that may be interested.

I spent all day today trying to get this house cleaned up. It had become quite a pig pen with all the other stuff that I've had going on. I think I've done enough around the rest of the house...time to get started on the scraproom now. Even if I wanted to, I wouldn't be able to work in here. Sheesh!!!

And with that...I'm off to grab a garbage bag and start sorting through the many piles of whatever that have managed to make a home in the scraproom.

Thanks for reading!


Worse today than yesterday...

I feel soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lazy!

I downloaded the trial version of Photoshop Elements 4.0 today and have been sitting here vegging and playing. It'll take me a little longer to figure out all the new features in this version. I'm used to the PSE 2.0 version and after watching the intro for 4.0, I was sold almost instantly. I guess I'll be adding this to my Christmas wishlist.

All I've done today is:

Make my bed
Spray the shower down with Bleach (and spilled bleach on the bathroom rug, ruining it...)
Started a load of laundry (still need to fold the whites that are just piled on the sofa in the family room)
Vacuumed our bedroom
Wrapped a book that I will be taking to school in a little bit for Em's b-day celebration with her class (nothing big, just cupcakes and a story)

I think that's about it...

Why am I so lazy??? Maybe it's the rain that's falling outside? Who knows! All I know is that there are PLENTY of things that I should be doing and could be doing!

For now though...I'm off to get ready to go pick up the cupcakes and take them to Emily's class. She loves to be the center of attention so this will be right up her alley!

Need to make sure the camera is ready to go too.


A moment to breathe...

I spent quite a bit of time at Em's school on Monday and Tuesday...helping with the Christmas "socks" that they decorated for their party next Thursday. They'll use these to hold all of the goodies they get from their classmates. All 5 kindergarten classes made these...I helped with about 35-40 stockings...and got them all completed. One of the teachers commented yesterday that this was the earliest those stockings have ever been finished. That made me feel good.

After school yesterday, Em and I went to the Mall at Millenia to see Santa. We'd heard nothing but GREAT things about this Santa and thought we'd make a trip over there. This mall is in a rather "ritzy" part of town and has anchor stores such as Bloomingdales, Lord and Taylor, Neiman Marcus...no Sears, J.C. Penneys, etc...we kid that this is where the "other side" shops. All the top dollar stores...not where I can afford to go regularly, that's for sure.

Anyway, we get there and we see Santa. Emily is extremely apprehensive with Santa...almost shy. Anyone that knows Emily knows that she is FAR FROM SHY. It was quite interesting to watch her interaction...she was so unsure of herself and of him. I think that she's probably on the fence as to what to believe and what not to believe anymore. Now that she's in school and has so many different influences. But that Santa was so "real"...real white hair, real beard...very realistic. I even picked up some Santa's Coal bubble gum and forgot to take it out of Emily's Limited Too bag...I told her that Santa must of stashed it in there as a warning of what might come in her stocking on Christmas if she's not nice. Her eyes were HUGE and she was a little worried about getting coal. It was PRICELESS!

I did a digital layout last night with a few of the Santa pictures. I like how it turned out. I'll get it posted at Scrapforums and maybe here later today.

So...the question is now...after all that running...I have today at home with no where to go. Plenty of time to get caught up on things around here...sooooooooo....

Why is it that I can't get motivated??

Geeez! I had so many great plans to get my house cleaned up again today...and the only thing that I'm doing is laundry, it seems. I've made the bed, sorted all of the dirty laundry and have both machines going, have folded everything but the latest load of towels and the folded stuff is sorted and ready to be put away. The dishwasher is running but the kitchen still needs some attention. I had so many great plans for the day and here I sit...listening to the Yahoo Country music station, surfing the net, blogging. I really do need to get up and get moving! I have a little more than an hour and a half before I have to get Emily from school. We'll be headed to dance a couple hours after that.

Anyway...I'll quit my bitching now and get busy again. I'm sure the dryer is finished and another load of clothes is waiting to be folded. I really need to work on our bathroom and master bedroom too. They're really bad!

See ya!


Today is the day!!!

My class was awesome! I was pretty pleased with everything. I got sidetracked and had to bring myself back in a couple of times, but nothing major! Everyone gave me good verbal feedback so that certainly helped!

Now...to gear up for the class on the 15th. I'm excited now...now that my first class is under my belt! Woo hoo!!

Oh and after the class...I had lunch with Tina (works at Memory Lane) and my new friend Kerri. Tina could only spend her lunch hour with us but Kerri and I sat and yapped till it was time for me to pick up Emily. She's soooooooo much fun! And she's coming to the Ya-Ya's Christmas party tomorrow night with me too!

It's the day that I teach my first class at Memory Lane! An altered candle class. I have nine people signed up and I'm feeling pretty good about it. I hope everything goes smoothly! I'm not really nervous about it...just a little bummed that I went way over budget for it...but, chalk it up as a learning experience. Now I know what to do differently next time.

I'm off now to finish my hair and gather everything to take with me. I think I have everything pulled and sitting together...and if I forget anything, again...another learning experience. I need to be there at 9:30 and the class starts at 10.

Oh, and I got to play with alcohol inks last night. Liz bought them for the store for me to use in a tiny part of this class today and I wanted something else to show. I did this kind of funky card...love the background. I need and want to get more of these inks now. I want them all!!!!

OK...I'm off for now. Will write an update later when I get back from class!Wish me luck!