We've got spirit...

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Yes we do...
And we want to share it with you!!

No...I was never a cheerleader. Can you tell??

We just did a custom frame for a South Orlando Braves cheerleader. And I have to say that I love how it came out. The colors are so true to the uniform...and the stripes on the frame mirror the stripes on the uniform too.

Do you have a cheerleader? A dancer? Maybe even a soccer, football or baseball player. (any sport, any color scheme...) We can create a frame to coordinate with your child's team colors. And we'll personalize it for your little star, at no additional cost.

How about a frame for the coach?? Maybe an end of the season gift? We can customize a gift for the coach...a one of a kind, original gift...that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Drop us a line at sumpinelse@gmail.com to find out more information about ordering yours.

And check out all that we have available now at www.sumpinelse.etsy.com too