More dance frames!!

I've been working away in the studio this week. Working on the outstanding orders that I have...trying to finish a couple each day. Here's what I've done since the last blog update. For better detail and a brief description of each, click on the photo for a larger view.

This one isn't a dance frame but I don't think I shared it here on the blog. A custom baby frame...this was given as a baby shower gift but is available as a special order.

As you can tell, I haven't listed anything new in the Etsy shop lately. This is because I'm working on all of the custom orders that I have right now and haven't had a chance to create anything "new" for the shop. If you're interested in seeing the latest goodies, be sure to follow my blog and "become a fan" on my business Facebook page. I share pictures as things are finished. I'm hoping to get more in the Etsy shop in a few weeks but if you happen to see something that sparks your interest, drop me an e-mail or Facebook message.

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What I've been up to...

Lets see...where have I been? What have I been up to? Where do I begin?

The school year is behind us and with that comes a High School Graduate! Yep, that's right...my Josh has graduated! And with honors, at that. It was a tough year but it has certainly ended on a good note. Josh has matured so much over the past few months and has made us so proud. He's off to Florida State University in just a few weeks where he plans to study Political Science. Way to go Josh!!!

With the end of the school year comes yet another dance recital. Emily was in four numbers this year. The most classes she's ever taken. She did very well too. I love to watch her on stage. She loves to dance and it shows. She gives it her all and just lights up when she music starts! She's planning to do three classes next year and hopes to make the Company again too.

And of course, with the recital...comes lots of new dance frames too. I'm working on a little each day and am posting photos of them on my Facebook page for "Handmade Creations". If you're on Facebook, check it out and become a "fan" if you'd like. Handmade Creations by Denise Baker

Here are a couple of the latest creations...click on the image for a better view.

Today, I'm home alone...with just the dogs. And they're both sleeping nearby. With that, I'm going to take advantage of the quiet time and get a few more things going.

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Dance Dance Dance

Well, its that time again!

The dance season is drawing to a close. Our dancers and instructors have been hard at work putting together the dances for our upcoming recital. This weekend is the big dress rehearsal weekend. I'll have a table set up in the lobby, once again, taking orders for your custom frames.

I've been gleaning inspiration from the photos of the costumes for this year and have a few new designs as well as some of the designs from last year to display. I cannot wait to see everyone dressed up and I love to watch everything come together during rehearsals.

I thought I'd share a few of the designs from last year. The new designs will be shared soon!

Until next time! Enjoy!



My wonderful friend, Dorana, awarded me with this fun friendship award today. I can't thank you enough for this Dorana. I apprecieate your friendship and all the kind words and support you've given me over the past few months!!

I'd like to share this award with some of my favorite blog friends too. These are some of the girls that I check in with regularly. A few of my friends and other blogs that I visit for super inspiration too! Check out these blogs:

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Wanna share this award with some of your friends? If so, then here's how to do it (as passed on to me):

1. Put the logo on your blog
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4. Add links to those blogs on your blog
5. Leave a message for the nominees on their blog

Thanks again Dorana!!


Slowing down a bit...

Whewww...what a week its been! I just realized that its been more than a week since I posted. I wanted to get in here and give a little update before the weekend.

Last Wednesday, I posted my latest frame creation. This beautiful 25th Wedding Anniversary frame. This one started as a dance frame idea originally but as I moved forward, it wasn't coming together as I had planned. So, I took it in a completely different direction. Ending with one of my most favorite frames to date.

I listed this one in my Etsy shop and sold it within 30 minutes. What a great boost to the ego! (thanks Laurie!!) I was also contacted by a couple of others for frames JUST LIKE THIS ONE!

The fun didn't stop there though. I also got a phone call from a guy from a not so local crew team that had seen my samples on display at a recent regatta. He needed THREE frames for his end of the season banquet. Add these to the other crew frames that I'm working on.

That same evening, I see a regular customer of mine and she gives me a photo of her son and his prom date, and asked me to do TWO frames for a similar photo.

So...Wednesday turned out to be a VERY good day for my business. I couldn't be more thrilled! I have custom frames, in all stages, working at the moment. No complaints from this end!

This past weekend was our States Championship Regatta in Sarasota. We knew going into the weekend that our lightweight 4 had a good shot at doing well in this race. The took first in their heat on Saturday, moving them straight into the Grande Final on Sunday.

I have to admit...Sunday morning was so stressful. Alex and I agreed that we couldn't remember ever being as nervous as we were for this race. In all of Josh's 4 yrs of rowing, this one had us nervous. We just knew how badly they wanted this win!

With much anticipation, we wished the boys (and Teri) the best of luck as they headed off to get on the water and we waited until race time. The parents waited at the finish line for the race to begin and listened to the screaming and yelling as everyone cheered on their favorite boat. We were sooooooooo happy to see that our boys were ahead. We were even MORE THRILLED when they crossed the finish line in FIRST PLACE!!!! Not only did they take first, but there was about TWO BOAT LENGTHS OF OPEN WATER between them and the second place finishers. Oh my goodness...we were so proud! I was in tears before they even made it across the finish line.

What an incredible way to finish your last season, Josh! After all that we've gone through this year. The serious ups and downs of this season. You went back, gave it your all...and this is your reward! You rowed hard and fast! Congrats on your win!

Next...its STOTESBURY!! You know I'll be cheering you on all the way!

So, this is the latest from this end. Now that our time with Boone Crew is coming to an end. Things should start to slown down a bit. Weekends won't be so crammed full of this and that. For now though, I must get the to-do list completed for the day and get productive. I have phone calls to make, frames to paint, laundry to be folded.

Until next time...


Another one for Mom...

Another crazy weekend here.

Saturday was the Orlando City Champs regatta. This was our very last regatta at Turkey Lake. Its hard to believe that our four years of rowing is coming to an end. I've been counting the days and weeks but now that the end is near, its kind of bittersweet.

I was so proud of Josh and his lightweight 4 boat this weekend! They rowed an incredible race and finished in first place...with LOTS of open water too. Nothing at all like the same race last year where they placed second by a fraction of a second. This coming weekend is the Florida States Championship Regatta. They've got a darn good chance at taking this one too. Good luck to our boys! How awesome it would be to finish on top! To be the first place Florida State champs!! It'd be nice to see them go to Nationals but they've opted for Stotesbury, no matter what the outcome this weekend.

Last night I worked one of my last Amway Arena events too. We had a hotdog stand for the Fleetwood Mac concert. Not the best concert I've worked but it was still fun to see the people that I knew there and the group that worked with me last night were a great group. We sang to the music, danced a bit and laughed too! It wasn't nearly as busy as I'd expected it to be...guess that's a sign of the times, eh?

I slept in till almost 11 this morning and I admit that haven't done much since I got up. I did finish this frame that I started yesterday though. I love this one too. So feminine, I think. I can imagine a new mommy pic in this or even a pic of a mom with only girls. The lime green is of course, one of my favorite colors and paired together with the pinks...I'm loving it!

I've listed this in my Etsy shop already. Feel free to share the link with family and friends!

Now, its about time for Em to get home from school. (already) I'd better get up and get something done before she gets here.

Till next time...


Mother's Day...

is just around the corner!

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I was working on a frame for Mother's Day. I listed it last night in my Etsy shop. You can see other photos of this frame and my other listings by following that link. Check it out when you get a chance!

For those of you wondering what ETSY is...its an incredible website to buy and sell handmade items, supplies to make handmade items and you'll find some beautiful vintage items there too. You'll find a plethora of handmade gift ideas there from jewelry to knitted items and even handmade cookies, cakes and other yummy treats too. I found some very unique gifts for my family for Christmas this past year.

Here are a couple of my favorite shops at Etsy:


This shop is owned by my very good friend, Michele.

She does a lot of hybrid scrappy stuff and her goodies always turn out so pretty. She never ceases to amaze me with her creativity!

Michele owned a kit club for a while and is working on getting a lot of the supplies that she has left from that, listed too. Cool stuff at cool prices!

Next is...

Mad Hatter's Pottery

I met the owner of this shop through the More Meaningful Gifts BnR thread in the Etsy forums.

I've purchased one of Mad's soy candles and can't begin to tell you how amazing this candle was and she makes her own pottery too. Be sure to check out her other incredible items too.

You're sure to find something for everyone here!

Then there is...

Dorana Design

Let me tell you about Dorana!!

She is the host of the More Meaningful Gifts thread that I mentioned above. She also owns the My Handmade Registry site too. (a great place to show off your favorite etsy stuff...think wishlist, gift registry for friends and family)

Anyway, Dorana is the most helpful and thoughtful person! She's always so quick with answers about Etsy and offers incredible words of encouragement to so many in the Etsy forums, My Handmade Registry and also on Twitter.

Not to mention, her jewelry designs are INCREDIBLE! Congrats Dorana on your first (an certainly not last) wedding design!!

And the last shop to share with you today is...

Jen's Closet

This is a shop that I happened to come across on Twitter.

Stepping into this Etsy shop is like taking a walk down memory lane. These leaf glasses that I've shared here are some of my favorites in her shop. We had these when I was growing up and when I saw them, it brought back a flood of memories!

Check out her huge selection of vintage Dinnerware, China, Glassware and MORE!

I've enjoyed sharing Etsy with you. I hope that you've had a chance to check out the shops that I've mentioned. Feel free to pass these on to friends and family too. These shops are just a few of the MANY incredible shops at Etsy.

Maybe I'll make this a regular feature on my blog...

But, for now...it's time to get up and get a few things done around here. I have a couple of Thank You cards that I need to get finished today and a couple of other custom frames too.

Till next time...