Time for an update...

My friend Erin reminded me that it was time to blog again. So here goes. Thanks Erin! Glad to know that some people actually read this crap. LOL

It's 8pm...I started this entry around 11 something this morning and am just now getting back to it. Whewwww!! It sure was a busy day!

As most of you know, this week has been Spring Break for my kiddos. Although I do enjoy having my kids home (most of the time), this week has been CRAZY. Trying to keep the place picked up has been a chore in itself. Although, today, both Josh and Emily kicked in to help me whip it all back into shape because Josh has his Crew team over to watch movies, eat pizza and maybe play a bit of Texas Hold 'Em.

So far, we have seven of them here...we're expecting at least a couple of others. They've made themselves comfy on the couches in the family room and have a movie playing while they eat pizza. I'm so happy that Josh has a circle of friends to hang out with and do stuff with. They're all pretty good kids too, so that makes it twice as nice. (Josh is usually the one to stay at home and not seek out things to do with friends...he was so excited to have everyone over here tonight)

I took two classes at the LSS here this week! TWO! Two classes that I wasn't teaching! The first one was taught by a girl that designs for Prima. We did a scrapbook page and used burlap, rocks, crystal lacquer...all sorts of things. She had it as a beach layout but I was in a hurry and just found a photo of Josh and Emily that I liked and took it with me. You can see my version of that layout here...Embrace Life. All credit goes to Michelle Van Etten though...she taught this class.

The next class was a very cool mini album made using the new "Girlfriends" line by Rusty Pickle. This class was taught by Diana McGraw. She's a designer and rep for Rusty Pickle and was an amazing instructor. We made a 12 page accordian book and I love this little book. I was so inspired by her, I came home and looked at her gallery at the veggie bucket and spent hours looking through the galleries over there. She's teaching at the Expo here in a couple of weeks...there are a few Rusty Pickle classes and I'm not sure which one she'll be teaching. But, I'm seriously thinking about taking a class there of hers...or at least stopping in to say "HI".

While the gang's watching movies in the other room, I'm thinking of taking the laptop out to the backporch and digi scrapping for a while. I've got a couple of DT things coming due on the 1st of April. Might as well crank them out while I don't have anything else to do, right? I thought about working on cleaning up the scraproom while I watch my own movie in here, but...I think I'd rather chill on the new back porch with a Corona and the laptop.

Almost time for yet another pizza to come out of the oven...this will be #4. These boys can eat!

Happy Friday...enjoy your weekend!


BUNCO, CREW and more.

The kids started their Spring Break yesterday and don't return to school again till the 20th of March. I can't believe that we're headed into the LAST 9 weeks of school already. Josh will no longer be a FRESHMAN (he says, thank goodness) and Emily won't be in Kindergarten anymore. Another case of time flying...that's for sure.

I started the weekend off with BUNCO with Kris and a few others in our Bunco group. I haven't been to Bunco since before Christmas. I'm not sure exactly WHY I haven't been able to go, but things have come up along the way. After I said I'd be there, I thought seriously about backing out again at the last minute. The thought of being out late, drinking and having a few laughs with the girls and then getting up and being at the lake for Josh's regatta at 6:30 this morning, didn't appeal to me in the slightest. But, Josh found a ride to the regatta and that gave me a chance to sleep a bit later.

Josh called at 7 something to tell me his schedule for the day. He said they were racing the Freshman 4 boat first but that I didn't need to be there because he thought they'd get spanked. The next two races that he was in weren't till after lunch so Em and I headed out to breakfast and then went to the lake right at about noon. As it turned out, the coach changed the line up for that first 4 man boat and they ended up taking 3rd place for the race that I missed. Darn it...I hate missing stuff like that...I was there for the final two races though. The Novice 8 boat took 2nd place and the Freshman 8 boat took 4th. Josh ended up coming home with a silver and a bronze medal. That makes a total of 3 medals now. Pretty cool, in my opinion!! Here's a pic of his boat coming in second...not a good shot in the blog, but it'll make a great print, full size. Emily and I walked to the finish line to get a few pics and while over that way, we walked further to the playground that they have there too. It gave Emily something to do for a little while. And of course, I had my camera with me so why not take a shot or two of Em while I was at it. This was one of my favorite shots...look at that hair! (and the lack of teeth, LOL) She had such a great time on the slides and didn't believe that her hair did that when she came down. Now I have a picture to prove it. She also thought it was funny to shock me as she came off the slide too. Rotten kid!!

Well, that's about all that I've got to tell about today. After being up late last night and spending the day in the sun today, we're all about ready for bed. Actually, I think Josh has beaten us to it. He's already snoring, I think. Emily is her usual "fighting bedtime" self...she won't give up till I join her. Since Alex is camping with the boy scouts, Em likes to sleep with me...and won't go to sleep till I come in there too. I swear that child is SPOILED ROTTEN!

Till next time...


Thursday again??

Another week almost finished! I've been saying all week that I wanted to get over here to blog. And here I am...not a month later, as usual. I'm trying to do better with this. But sometimes there's just nothing exciting to blog about.

Tuesday was Emily's kindergarten program. They sang songs about growing up and being what you want to be...no matter what it might be. Some might look at some of the songs as being sexist, but they're just in kindergarten...and I thought the program was adorable. Emily's class did a song about sailors and sailing the deep blue sea...the boys wore sailor caps and talked about swabbing the decks, etc...the girls wore hula skirts and bathing suits and sang about sailing the ocean only if the boat was a yacht and that the boys could swab the decks but the girls would rather be getting tans. They had fun singing and that's all that counts, right? I took TONS of pictures, of course...and will get them into layouts and shared on here soon. (I hope)

I'm working on my next class layout for Memory Lane. I'm doing a card class on the 21st and 23rd. We'll be making 10 different cards using ONE sheet of 12x12 patterned paper and coordinating cardstock. I have half of them complete...just need to add the last bits and pieces to the last of them. I'm on my way up to have lunch with Emily in a few and then off to Memory Lane after that...to finish them and get them on display.

Spring Break starts tomorrow for us. Geez!!! I think it's a bit too early...considering it's not even "SPRING" yet. I mean, I know we're in Florida and it "FEELS" like Spring...but Easter is still a month away. And whatever happened to tieing Spring Break in with the Easter weekend anyway? Oh well...my complaining never seems to get the dates changed so I guess I'll quit my bitching and try to enjoy the next week with my kiddos home. Well, Em will be home with me...Josh has Crew practice just about every day next week...and that will take up almost all of his day each day. Maybe Em and I will go to Sea World or make a trip over to see the famous Mouse. We really should take advantage of those annual passes that we have.

Josh has a big Regatta this weekend. We have to be at the lake at 6:45 in the morning. This one is for medals too! I sure hope his boat can row as well as they did last weekend. They'll come home with medals for sure if they can keep that up!

Well, time for me to head off to lunch at the elementary school. I hope to get my scraproom picked up a little bit when I get home...I'm really itching to do a layout or two. But with me just dumping the tote bag in the middle of the floor...I'd better get stuff picked up and re-organized a bit first.

Ahhh...the story of my life!


Good Monday Morning!!

Here it is...the start of a fresh week. I got another good night's sleep last night and I'm feeling good! Just posted the cleaning threads over at Scrapforums. I've changed things up a little bit and am making it a little more worth doing...we'll tally points now and earn entries for a fun RAK at the end of the month. I'm looking forward to seeing how many folks we can get in there and participate. I'm hoping that it will also motivate me to keep going and get done what I need to get done.

Miss Emily lost yet another tooth last night. This makes #5 already. I knew it was a little loose but we weren't making a big deal out of it because she's already missing her two front top ones. The bottom two front ones have come back in and now she's lost the one little one to the left of the two bottom front ones. She looks so stinking cute! And of course, she was THRILLED to have the tooth fairy coming once again! Of course, the tooth fairy is going broke with all these teeth coming out one right after another. LOL

I've got a few things planned for today...nothing fancy or exciting really...just want to get the house back in shape, unpack all the stuff in my XXL that I still haven't unpacked from the PMA trade show last week, catch up on a few more loads of laundry, pack up my technique swap that I did for the Shaker Box (it's late...darn it) and sort the card swap that I hostessed at Scrapforums. (I should get the last set of those cards in today's mail). I also need to get up to Memory Lane and finish the cards for the card class that I'm teaching there on the 21st and 23rd.

I guess I should get up from here for now and make this a somewhat productive day, huh?


And sleep is what I got!!!

I ended up going to Josh's meet yesterday. And I'm so happy that I did. His Novice 8 boat took 1st place out of 5 and won by 2 boat lengths. It was great to see them cross the finish line above and beyond everyone else. I would have really felt awful had I missed that.

On the way home, I stopped and picked up subs for us and we all sat outside on the new patio set and ate our late lunch. This was actually the first time we've done this as a family since the pool was finished. Alex and I both agreed that life could be a lot worse and that it was so nice to be able to do that. After we finished eating, I decided it was time for the nap that I'd been wishing for since I woke up yesterday morning. That was at about 3:30 yesterday afternoon.

Sometime around 8pm, I woke up...only long enough to get some water and snuggle with Emily while she watched some Nickelodeon next to me. At 9:30, we turned the TV and the lights off and went to sleep together for the night. I figured that with that forever long nap, I'd be up at 3am and not be able to go back to sleep. WRONG! Alex woke me around 8 something this morning and told me that I'd slept long enough. LOL

I guess I really needed to catch up on my sleep, huh?

Today, I've been putzing around the house...cleaned up some of the mess from Friday night's crop. Ran the dishwasher with the first load. There are a few other dishes that still need to be washed. I need to get my stuff up from the kitchen table and the signs of the crop will be gone. I've also been doing a few loads of laundry today...in hopes of getting it all caught up again.

Emily wants to go swimming...she's already in her bathing suit. Alex told her to be patient and he'd go in with her later. I think he's going to regret that...the water is only 68*. Brrrrrrrrrrr....NOT ME! Not till the water temp is around 86. Still a ways to go for me!

Time to fold the whites and start another load of laundry. Maybe I'll come in here and straighten up the scraproom a bit in a little while. I've got a couple of Netflix movies here that I could watch while I do that.

Yeah, that's the plan...off to do the laundry now.

Oh, and thanks for the comments, Stacie!! Love knowing that someone is actually reading my random crap!! ;)



I just wanna sleep...just climb back in bed and sleep. Just a few more hours...PLEASE?! I type this as Emily is in the background making some siren type noise...playing with the dog. Alex and Josh have gone to Josh's meet. I thought I'd be able to stay here and go back to sleep but Emily just came to me and asked when we were going to the lake. I JUST WANT TO GO BACK TO SLEEP!!

It was a busy week, yes...but staying up with the girls and scrapping last night probably adds to the need for more sleep. I think it was almost 2:30am when I finally went to bed. It was a fun night...we had 16 of the 17 gals in our group. It's been a long time since we've had THAT MANY of us be able to make it to a monthly crop...but it's been even longer since we scrapped that much. Just about everyone here last night was scrapping! It was awesome!

I just mentioned to Emily that I wanted to go back to sleep and that we'd miss Josh's meet this week and she whined "Nooooooooooooo". Darn it!

Guess I should get in the shower and get ready to go. I'll be taking a nap as soon as I get back...you can bet on that!



That's what I did for the day. I scrubbed both bathrooms really well, stripped our bed and washed the sheets and put them back on there. I got Alex's den picked up and vacuumed up the chewed up wooden ruler, compliments of Koda. I'm going to dust my bedroom and run a quick vacuum and that'll be the extent of my cleaning for today. I have to get ready to go to the LSS and get ready for my class from 6-8.

I did call around to the Target Stores in the area to find the patio furniture set that I want. Everyone had the 4 piece set but I wanted the end table and ottoman to go with it and I was having a tough time finding the Ottoman. Luckily, the store at Waterford has all of it. They're holding it for me. I was going to run and pick it up when I got the kids from school, but decided not to rush it and be late for my class. Instead, I came back here and worked on getting a few more things cleaned.

WOW, two days in a row that I've blogged. Can you believe it, Stacie??? :D

Oh, and I did manage to get a good night's sleep last night too! Ahhhh...it felt so good! Hoping for another one tonight!


Hey Stacie...this is for you!!

Stacie must be the only one that truly loves me. She's the only one that leaves me comments to remind me of how long its been since I've blogged. At least I know that someone IS actually reading this silly thing. Thanks Stacie...love ya Chica!!

OK...we'll start off with what I've been doing for the past two days. I was invited to go to the PMA (Photo Marketing Assoc.) Convention and Trade show to SCRAPBOOK...of all things! The Scrapbooking Industry is trying to inch their way into the photo industry because well...they just go hand in hand together...bottom line! And they were looking for a couple of scrappers to come down there and just SCRAPBOOK to show how it's done. So...for the past two days, that's where I've been (along with my cool friend Kerri too). Scrapping, meeting and chatting with so many fantasticly fun folks. I managed to get 3 pages done and came home with some really fun product too. It was so much fun and made me think that I'd really like to get into the scrapping industry...more than just teaching or creating pages for other folks. I think my ideal job would be a buyer for a scrapbook store/chain. I love keeping up with the industry and read the websites and stuff about what people like to see...I could shop to stock scrap stores and spend someone else's money doing it! I think that would be an awesome job! Hmmmm...how would one find a job like that anyway??

The pool is COMPLETE! Still a few little things that need to be taken care of, but they're just the little things that only "WE" know need to be changed. Of course, the water temps are way too low for ME right now. I think the floating shark thermometer read 68* today. Only about 20* more and I'll be ready to swim. Emily doesn't seem to mind the cold water. She's already been in the pool on three different ocassions. The nut!

I have my Disney layout class to teach tomorrow evening at Memory Lane. This is a repeat of a class that I did last month. There were a few people interested in an evening class, so we decided to go with that. My next class isn't till the 21st and 23rd. I'll be teaching a card class. My first one since beginning to teach there. I hope there's a good turnout for those two dates. I guess I should get going on the cards and get them on display soon! Maybe that's what I'll work on Friday night.

My scrapping buds are coming HERE on Friday night for our monthly gathering. I'd love to say our "monthly crop" however, we usually end up "gathering", eating, laughing, drinking and laughing some more. We have gotten a little better with the scrapping lately...maybe we can say this is the beginning of getting back down to business. It'll be nice to have my buds over for a party...its always so much fun when we get together and most of them haven't seen a lot of the work that we've done to the house in a while.

Since I've been gone most of this week and I'm having company over...I need to really bust my tail tomorrow and Friday to whip the place back in shape. Things are looking a bit untidy and cluttered right now...need to work on that, BIG TIME!

So, with that...I'm headed to bed. Going to get my good 8 hours of sleep in tonight and get up early and GET BUSY! Hopefully some of my challenge partners will join me. **wink**