That's what I did for the day. I scrubbed both bathrooms really well, stripped our bed and washed the sheets and put them back on there. I got Alex's den picked up and vacuumed up the chewed up wooden ruler, compliments of Koda. I'm going to dust my bedroom and run a quick vacuum and that'll be the extent of my cleaning for today. I have to get ready to go to the LSS and get ready for my class from 6-8.

I did call around to the Target Stores in the area to find the patio furniture set that I want. Everyone had the 4 piece set but I wanted the end table and ottoman to go with it and I was having a tough time finding the Ottoman. Luckily, the store at Waterford has all of it. They're holding it for me. I was going to run and pick it up when I got the kids from school, but decided not to rush it and be late for my class. Instead, I came back here and worked on getting a few more things cleaned.

WOW, two days in a row that I've blogged. Can you believe it, Stacie??? :D

Oh, and I did manage to get a good night's sleep last night too! Ahhhh...it felt so good! Hoping for another one tonight!

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Stacie said...

HOLY SCHMAMOLIES! You've done some serious cleaning! Congratulations!!
Glad you found the furniture set-I know it can be a real pain trying to track down that kind of stuff. Do you have a car that it will all fit into??
I wish I could be a part of your class tonight-it really does sound like fun. I'm jealous!
I'm very impressed with your blogging, girl. ;)
Have a great night! I'll be back to check in tomorrow to see how the class went...and maybe a pic of what you taught?? :)