Good Monday Morning!!

Here it is...the start of a fresh week. I got another good night's sleep last night and I'm feeling good! Just posted the cleaning threads over at Scrapforums. I've changed things up a little bit and am making it a little more worth doing...we'll tally points now and earn entries for a fun RAK at the end of the month. I'm looking forward to seeing how many folks we can get in there and participate. I'm hoping that it will also motivate me to keep going and get done what I need to get done.

Miss Emily lost yet another tooth last night. This makes #5 already. I knew it was a little loose but we weren't making a big deal out of it because she's already missing her two front top ones. The bottom two front ones have come back in and now she's lost the one little one to the left of the two bottom front ones. She looks so stinking cute! And of course, she was THRILLED to have the tooth fairy coming once again! Of course, the tooth fairy is going broke with all these teeth coming out one right after another. LOL

I've got a few things planned for today...nothing fancy or exciting really...just want to get the house back in shape, unpack all the stuff in my XXL that I still haven't unpacked from the PMA trade show last week, catch up on a few more loads of laundry, pack up my technique swap that I did for the Shaker Box (it's late...darn it) and sort the card swap that I hostessed at Scrapforums. (I should get the last set of those cards in today's mail). I also need to get up to Memory Lane and finish the cards for the card class that I'm teaching there on the 21st and 23rd.

I guess I should get up from here for now and make this a somewhat productive day, huh?


cpbunch said...
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cpbunch said...

I'm glad you finally got enough sleep and are recovering from your big week D. That's what I will be doing the rest of this morning before I take Lilly to preschool: cleaning! I better get up off of here and hit it!

ErinRagan said...

Hi Denise! Just wanted you to know that I'm reading your "random crap," too! LOL

Love your blog. I need to make a commitment to keep up with mine better... I tend to forget it about it for days on end and then clog it with silly pics and entries all at once! :)

Stacie said...

Yeah, sleep is a good thing! :D
You rock with keeping others motivated for cleaning their homes-you are the BOMB!! :D
Yeah, Emily!! HOLY KRAUT-5 TEETH GONE!? Tell the tooth fairy I hope she manages to find some source of extra income along the way...
You are SOOOOOO busy! How do you do it all?
I hope you managed to get through your list of TO-DOs.
Thanks for the update, sweet lady!

Emily said...

Wow, Emily has lost as many teeth as Malachi (almost 8 yrs old)! Graham hasn't lost any yet - not even any are wiggly!

Kerri said...

Hey, chica! We had an exhausting but great day at Universal and we're going to do Islands of Adventure tomorrow! Maybe on Friday I'll get back to my chores list. I have a haircut that day, B has to get to the DMV. Saturday and Sunday we'll be in Winter Haven.

And Monday things will be back to normal! Yay! :-D