Time for an update...

My friend Erin reminded me that it was time to blog again. So here goes. Thanks Erin! Glad to know that some people actually read this crap. LOL

It's 8pm...I started this entry around 11 something this morning and am just now getting back to it. Whewwww!! It sure was a busy day!

As most of you know, this week has been Spring Break for my kiddos. Although I do enjoy having my kids home (most of the time), this week has been CRAZY. Trying to keep the place picked up has been a chore in itself. Although, today, both Josh and Emily kicked in to help me whip it all back into shape because Josh has his Crew team over to watch movies, eat pizza and maybe play a bit of Texas Hold 'Em.

So far, we have seven of them here...we're expecting at least a couple of others. They've made themselves comfy on the couches in the family room and have a movie playing while they eat pizza. I'm so happy that Josh has a circle of friends to hang out with and do stuff with. They're all pretty good kids too, so that makes it twice as nice. (Josh is usually the one to stay at home and not seek out things to do with friends...he was so excited to have everyone over here tonight)

I took two classes at the LSS here this week! TWO! Two classes that I wasn't teaching! The first one was taught by a girl that designs for Prima. We did a scrapbook page and used burlap, rocks, crystal lacquer...all sorts of things. She had it as a beach layout but I was in a hurry and just found a photo of Josh and Emily that I liked and took it with me. You can see my version of that layout here...Embrace Life. All credit goes to Michelle Van Etten though...she taught this class.

The next class was a very cool mini album made using the new "Girlfriends" line by Rusty Pickle. This class was taught by Diana McGraw. She's a designer and rep for Rusty Pickle and was an amazing instructor. We made a 12 page accordian book and I love this little book. I was so inspired by her, I came home and looked at her gallery at the veggie bucket and spent hours looking through the galleries over there. She's teaching at the Expo here in a couple of weeks...there are a few Rusty Pickle classes and I'm not sure which one she'll be teaching. But, I'm seriously thinking about taking a class there of hers...or at least stopping in to say "HI".

While the gang's watching movies in the other room, I'm thinking of taking the laptop out to the backporch and digi scrapping for a while. I've got a couple of DT things coming due on the 1st of April. Might as well crank them out while I don't have anything else to do, right? I thought about working on cleaning up the scraproom while I watch my own movie in here, but...I think I'd rather chill on the new back porch with a Corona and the laptop.

Almost time for yet another pizza to come out of the oven...this will be #4. These boys can eat!

Happy Friday...enjoy your weekend!


Mickey said...

I am sure lots of people are reading your blog. LOL I know I do. It's my only way to fins out whats going on. LOL We need to find time to talk!

twistedsoda said...

darn right we read this!!! The LO is gorgeous, I love the textures in there!!!

Beardawgie said...

I love reading the blog Smoochies, only way I find out what you are up to.

Mickey said...

where are you???? (said in my best whiney voice)