I just wanna sleep...just climb back in bed and sleep. Just a few more hours...PLEASE?! I type this as Emily is in the background making some siren type noise...playing with the dog. Alex and Josh have gone to Josh's meet. I thought I'd be able to stay here and go back to sleep but Emily just came to me and asked when we were going to the lake. I JUST WANT TO GO BACK TO SLEEP!!

It was a busy week, yes...but staying up with the girls and scrapping last night probably adds to the need for more sleep. I think it was almost 2:30am when I finally went to bed. It was a fun night...we had 16 of the 17 gals in our group. It's been a long time since we've had THAT MANY of us be able to make it to a monthly crop...but it's been even longer since we scrapped that much. Just about everyone here last night was scrapping! It was awesome!

I just mentioned to Emily that I wanted to go back to sleep and that we'd miss Josh's meet this week and she whined "Nooooooooooooo". Darn it!

Guess I should get in the shower and get ready to go. I'll be taking a nap as soon as I get back...you can bet on that!

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Stacie said...

Aw, poor Denise! (((HUGS)))
Isn't it crazy how kids just don't understand how we need to sleep? Why don't they need to sleep??
Sounds like you got a ton of scrapping done! 16 women scrapping? HOLY KRAUT!!!
(Have fun at the meet.)
Love ya!