Oh la la...

I love my new look. My good friend Michele took care of editing my blog for me today. THANKS SOOOOOOOOO MUCH Michele!!!!! I know I've already thanked you many many many times over, but...I'm just so happy to actually have this done now. It RAWKS girlfriend!!

Oh, and for those that don't know my friend Michele...she's the owner of this cute scrapbooking site called the Shaker Box. She's also my cleaning buddy...IM buddy...shoulder to bitch on buddy. We talk on a daily basis and sometimes think that we were seperated at birth. Thanks for being such a great friend and thanks (once again) for making my blog look so purty!!!

My kiddos are home from school today. Most of the surrounding counties are also home from school today. All the hype about Hurricane Ernesto...or tropical storm...tropical depression. Whatever the heck the storm is. Gov. Bush declared Florida a "state of emergency" on SATURDAY last week...in fear of Ernesto growing to a category 3 storm before hitting Florida. Quite frankly...I think that was a scare tactic, more than anything. I understand how off guard we were with Hurricane Charley...man, do I understand that. And then of course, the devestation to MS and LA last year with Katrina. But, I think the media is really hyping this stuff up now...getting people worried about the little storms now. Crying wolf, per se. And it's really frustrating.

Take school closings today. The kids and I have home all day and have had a bit of light rain this morning but only clouds since around 10. I wasn't going to go anywhere but when there was a HUGE break in the weather, I took off and ran a few errands that I wanted to get taken care of. The kids COULD HAVE gone to school today. They could have done a half day thing...getting everyone home by 2 this afternoon. It's 2:30 now and it's still not raining. I suppose we're supposed to be seeing some wind and lots more rain as the afternoon/evening progresses...but bottom line, today was a waste of a "bad weather day". Now we've lost our day before Thanksgiving for the 3rd straight year in a row.

OK...enough of me complaining about that. My kids really haven't been a pain at all today. I had them both clean their rooms that they've destroyed since school went back in session. I didn't even get all the complaining, etc. that I usually get. Emily finished her room and went across the street to play with her friend. Josh did most of his room (cleaned it to his specs anyway) and has been talking to his girlfriend online. He asked about going to her house but I told him that I was worried that he'd get over there and the weather would get bad and he'd be stuck there and not be able to get home at a decent time. First I told him I'd think about it and then I told him that he could go for a just a couple of hours. He just said that he was going to stay home and probably take a nap. HE DIDN'T EVEN FLIP OVER THAT ONE!!! No attitude or nothing! I love it when that happens!!!

Anyway...I'm off to start another load of clothes and to toss a Cherry Cobbler in the oven. Nothing like a bit of comfort food during a hurricane, huh??? ;)


Serious case of buyer's remorse...

DH and I were talking yesterday about how time seems to go by so much more quickly as we get older. This is soooooooooo true. Sad...but true. And here we are...another Monday...the end of August. Heck, it's almost Christmas again already. Didn't we just put that tree away? (no, we're not one to keep it up till July. I promise)

I thought I'd update this little blog thing before I head out for my day's adventures. DH and I did something really really stupid yesterday. Ya see...Alex has wanted a big screen TV for a LOOOOOONG time now. He's watched the sales on them regularly, kept me posted on any changes in technology, etc etc. The TV that he wants started at about $4000 but has worked its way down to about $2600 now. I want so badly to make this happen for him. He works so hard...makes good money...provides for and does so much for all of us. I've really been thinking alot about splurging and getting the TV. But, with the TV, will have to come an entertainment center too. Because the TV is way too big for the center that we have now. The entertainment center that he really likes is close to $4000 too...but we found another one that we like that's about half that.

So, yesterday, we're out and about...just the two of us...we thought we'd go by and see what they had at Best Buy. How much the TV was now. Well, like I said, it's down to about $2600. BUT...now they have a 55 inch one too. We were stuck on the 50 inch set for all this time and now DH says that he "really wanted" a 55 inch set because 60 was too big. And before, they didn't make a 55 inch one in that model. etc. etc. Well, this 55 inch tv set is $3300. Well, shoot, what's another $700 right???? A LOT!!!

We spend way too much time there, talking with the sales guy, going back and forth on what we want to do. We're almost out of debt on all of our cards now but we decide to see about re-instating the Best Buy card...hey, they've got 2 yrs. no interest. OH BOY!!!

It takes forever for them to get all the numbers put in...seems they just got a new system and they were still trying to work out the kinks. (should have taken this as a sign that we didn't really need to buy this) AN HOUR LATER, we're finally signing the credit card slip and have a set up and delivery date of Wednesday. Now we're off to the furniture store.

The guy at the furniture store puts in all the numbers, gets the total and then boom...a big rumble of thunder and his computer shuts down. (another sign???) It comes back up, right back to my screen...no need to re-enter anything. I give him the CC and we're off again.

DH and I both get in the car and we start talking about what we just did...here we've just gotten ourselves pretty much out of debt and we toss out close to $7000 on credit cards again...like we've just got it to blow, right??? Alex said that he felt really bad about that...and he wasn't sure why. We only talked about it a little bit more last night and never really got anything resolved.

After tossing and turning all night last night...thinking about this stupid TV and entertainment center. Thinking of all the things that are coming up in the near and not so near future. I almost got up and put everything out on paper at 11 last night. First thing I asked Alex this morning was "do you think we should cancel everything???". I think he was waiting for me to pull that trigger...he didn't want to make the decision. When I told him that I thought it would be ok to do it, he started spilling all that he had going on in his head about it too.

Soooooooooooo...I'm off to take care of all of that today. OH BOY. Gotta love it!

I really wanted to start the Woman's Day 30 days to a clean house today. I still could really...spend an hour getting this stuff done and then go do all that I need to do. I have about 5 loads of laundry that need to be done and Alex needs shirts dropped off at the cleaners too.

Does the excitement ever end???


Boring blog...

I've decided that I have a rather boring blog...just the look of it is boring! I wanna know how to add my own header...and then I want one of those slide things with my layouts and stuff on it. Who's gonna help me do that??? Laurie, Stacy, Michele???? Huh huh? Come on...I know you guys are tired of looking at this boring thing, right?

Speaking of boring...my day is boring today! I'm in a funk! Probably has a lot to do with the crap between Josh and I last night. Damn, being the mom of a teenager who is extremely jealous of his 6 yr old sister is the pits. I mean, I'm sure just the whole parent of a teenager thing sucks on it's own, but man oh man...Josh has ZERO TOLERENCE for Emily...unless it's on HIS terms. And if his girlfriend is around...it's even worse. Yesterday, he got onto Emily and then onto me for not disciplining her...when I really couldn't get a word in over his...and that led to other things...and lots of screaming and yelling...and a horrible swear from Josh directed AT ME...and a backhand from me to him. Damn, I hate that...my mother backhanded me a lot when I was a teenager and I swore that I wouldn't do it to my kids. But when your 15 yr old is sitting next to you in the car and tells you to quit being a "F***ING SMARTA**" what would be your first reaction? I was pissed at him AND at myself for the rest of the night. Then DH got on him for being disrespectful to me...and got on to Emily for not listening. It was NOT a good night in the Baker household. Sure hope it's better tonight!

I've been pretty lazy for most of today. Still haven't put away everything that I got from the party. I've got it all in one spot and have found homes for a few things, but not all. I want to make a list of stuff for thank you cards and haven't done that yet either. The house is pretty clean...could use a good vacuuming, but that's basically it, except for the laundry. (story of my everyday life)

I'm waiting for Laurie to IM me...I want to scrap...and she wants to scrap too...I would love to challenge with her. Come on Laurie...whatcha waiting for?????


Lordy Lordy...I AM FORTY!!!! (but it's a good thing)

How'd that happen? I'm 40 yrs. old now. FORTY...time flies when you're having fun. And fun, I've had. I don't feel bad about being 40...not at all. I spent a lot of time reflecting this weekend. Reflecting on all that I've done in my 40 yrs. Alot of great things...alot of not so great things. Alot of things to be proud of and even a few that make me not so proud. I've been told that I look great for 40...I feel good about myself for the most part. I could stand to lose weight...and with that, I'm sure I'd feel more confident in myself. But, I have a husband that loves me very much. Four awesome kids that also love me and that make me EXTREMELY proud. I have alot to be thankful for in my life and I want to start this next chapter of my life off by reminding myself each day of how well I have it.

Alex put together an absolutely amazing party for me for my 40th birthday. I was blessed with the presence of about 70 of my closest friends and family. Gosh, I sure have some great friends. Kris helped him by getting out the invitations, but Alex did all of the rest of the stuff on his own. He asked for opinions from me while planning it, but he did all of the planning, putting together and throwing of the party. And man...it was AWESOME!!

He rented a frozen drink machine and served up Margaritas and Pina Coladas. There was a TON of beer, wine and other beverages of choice. (and plenty left over too) He had the food brought in from Smokey Bones...ribs, chicken, pork, brisket and turkey...and sides to go with. He put together custom made music CD's just of the types of music that I like, and then transmitted it to the wireless speakers outside. He put together one top notch party, I tell ya! Everyone commented on what a great job he did too...so very deserving of a good pat on the back. And all of that, he did for ME...told you he loves me!

We had so many great folks here to help me celebrate. All the old gang from the other house...the "Mayberry" clan as we called it. It was so great to hang out with all of them again...Jerry and Susie, Al and Holly, Tony and Joy, and even Steve Thomas came. So good to see him...sure wish Denise could be here too. I still miss her alot. We had the neighbors from this house here...most of them have lived here for YEARS and hardly knew each other. I watched them sit together and chat like old friends. I even had my mom and sisters here too. Its been a long time since the 4 of us have laughed as hard as we did last night. Even with Shelli smearing icing in my face and up my nose. :D

And of course, what would the party be without my Ya-Ya's???? The scrapping group that tops all scrapping groups. We're more than a group of scrappers that get together monthly to scrapbook...we're a sisterhood. A group of friends that would certainly be there for the others in a time of need...a group of friends that share laughter, secrets and have had our own share of tears too. These girls pulled together and surprised me with a hell of a celebration of their own. They blindfolded me and when they took the blindfold off, they all had a sparkler in their hands and sang Happy Birthday to me...then presented me with an "official ya-ya birthday hat" that had been cleverly made by Joy. OMG...this hat was so cool...gaudy, but so cool. And so very very special. I will need to find a special place to display this special symbol of the friendship we all share.

Jorge came over too...he took over 150 pictures of the party. I think it was like 188 pictures, actually. Mostly group shots of the party guests...lots of great shots of people smiling and having a great time. Lots of funny shots of me...having fun...being goofy. I should put together some sort of mini album of this party. So that the memories are all there...never to be forgotten.

This morning...the morning after...no kids (they stayed overnight with a friend), no dogs (we boarded them with the vet)...Alex and I got to spend some good quality time together. Just the two of us. We slept in...or maybe I should say "I" slept in. When I got up, Alex had already cleaned up alot of the party mess and had made coffee. We sat and talked about what a great time we both had. We enjoyed coffee together...read the paper...enjoyed each other's company. Had a great day. We even took a nap this afternoon too. I sure needed it! I'm getting too old to party like that. LOL

Now, the kids are home, the house is put back together (for the most part), the dogs come home tomorrow. Time to get on with things...get back on a routine, get on with life. And even though that life is sometimes crazy busy...sometimes a little overwhelming...it's a good life. A life that I wouldn't trade for anything else.

I think I'll be happy at 40!!


The first week of school...

...is almost over already. And it has been a success too, I might add. Josh is thrilled to be back at school and can't wait to be cleared for Crew Practice. They're starting practices next Monday but he still needs his physical and that will need to be cleared through the school before he can practice. (I still need to get that Crew packet filled out too)

Emily seems to like her new teacher. She's not said anything at all about anyone being bad in her class...so that's a good thing. Last year, she would tell me each day, within minutes of getting in the car, who had to change their behavior apple. She's had homework two days this week and getting her into the routine of actually getting it done when she gets home is quite the challenge. She doesn't understand that homework is a MUST...and not just something to blow off and not do. Of course, this is still something that I work with Josh on too. LOL

Dance has started again too...TWO classes this year. TWO days a week, TWO payments, TWO costumes. At the beginning of the summer, Emily didn't want to dance at all this year. She wanted to try "Karate" instead. I signed her up for her introductory classes and she had a great time, but then decided that she didn't want to do that either. We finally told her that she needed to give dance another shot. She loves to dance, but I think she was bored with ballet. Now she's in Tap and a ballet/jazz combo that will do a jazz number in the recital next June. She went to both classes this week without a fight and actually had a great time. She even told Josh that he would think that her jazz teacher is "hot". ROFL!

With so many errands and things this week, I've not been home long enough to clean my house. This is beginning to DRIVE ME NUTS!!! I can stand a little bit of a mess for a little while, but days long...NOPE. It starts getting to me. But, unfortunately, not enough to bust into it when I get home. I'm wiped out trying to get back into the early to bed and early to rise routine again. The kids are going to bed without any trouble, for the most part...it's just ME that needs to get back in gear now. I need the energy to clean my house.

Maybe I'll get up and get started on it now. Alex is out of dark socks and I'm sure he'll be mentioning t-shirts and underwear soon too. I think I'll start with a load of laundry...and then a coat of paint on the final two doors still needing to be finished.

Aye aye aye...a never ending list!


Bye bye summer...hello blog!

I know I've been a super bad blogger in the past, but this is ridiculous really. I haven't blogged since school let out? Really??? HA...can't believe time flew by like that. It's not like I spent the summer not getting online. I spent a good amount of time online, just not updating the blog. I did manage to get a few things done too...got both Josh's and Emily's rooms cleared out and deep cleaned, cleaned out my closet, am in the middle of painting all the doors in the place AND I even got a bit of scrapping done too. Oh, and I can't forget the weekend trip to Vegas too! (to scrap even!!)

The kids are back in school...today was day #2. I have 1st and 10th this year...and of course, Brooks being a JUNIOR in college this year and Kyle being a college FRESHMAN. HOLY MOLY. I'm getting old!

Ooops...gotta run. Just realized that Emily has dance in just 15 minutes. Here goes the craziness.