Serious case of buyer's remorse...

DH and I were talking yesterday about how time seems to go by so much more quickly as we get older. This is soooooooooo true. Sad...but true. And here we are...another Monday...the end of August. Heck, it's almost Christmas again already. Didn't we just put that tree away? (no, we're not one to keep it up till July. I promise)

I thought I'd update this little blog thing before I head out for my day's adventures. DH and I did something really really stupid yesterday. Ya see...Alex has wanted a big screen TV for a LOOOOOONG time now. He's watched the sales on them regularly, kept me posted on any changes in technology, etc etc. The TV that he wants started at about $4000 but has worked its way down to about $2600 now. I want so badly to make this happen for him. He works so hard...makes good money...provides for and does so much for all of us. I've really been thinking alot about splurging and getting the TV. But, with the TV, will have to come an entertainment center too. Because the TV is way too big for the center that we have now. The entertainment center that he really likes is close to $4000 too...but we found another one that we like that's about half that.

So, yesterday, we're out and about...just the two of us...we thought we'd go by and see what they had at Best Buy. How much the TV was now. Well, like I said, it's down to about $2600. BUT...now they have a 55 inch one too. We were stuck on the 50 inch set for all this time and now DH says that he "really wanted" a 55 inch set because 60 was too big. And before, they didn't make a 55 inch one in that model. etc. etc. Well, this 55 inch tv set is $3300. Well, shoot, what's another $700 right???? A LOT!!!

We spend way too much time there, talking with the sales guy, going back and forth on what we want to do. We're almost out of debt on all of our cards now but we decide to see about re-instating the Best Buy card...hey, they've got 2 yrs. no interest. OH BOY!!!

It takes forever for them to get all the numbers put in...seems they just got a new system and they were still trying to work out the kinks. (should have taken this as a sign that we didn't really need to buy this) AN HOUR LATER, we're finally signing the credit card slip and have a set up and delivery date of Wednesday. Now we're off to the furniture store.

The guy at the furniture store puts in all the numbers, gets the total and then boom...a big rumble of thunder and his computer shuts down. (another sign???) It comes back up, right back to my screen...no need to re-enter anything. I give him the CC and we're off again.

DH and I both get in the car and we start talking about what we just did...here we've just gotten ourselves pretty much out of debt and we toss out close to $7000 on credit cards again...like we've just got it to blow, right??? Alex said that he felt really bad about that...and he wasn't sure why. We only talked about it a little bit more last night and never really got anything resolved.

After tossing and turning all night last night...thinking about this stupid TV and entertainment center. Thinking of all the things that are coming up in the near and not so near future. I almost got up and put everything out on paper at 11 last night. First thing I asked Alex this morning was "do you think we should cancel everything???". I think he was waiting for me to pull that trigger...he didn't want to make the decision. When I told him that I thought it would be ok to do it, he started spilling all that he had going on in his head about it too.

Soooooooooooo...I'm off to take care of all of that today. OH BOY. Gotta love it!

I really wanted to start the Woman's Day 30 days to a clean house today. I still could really...spend an hour getting this stuff done and then go do all that I need to do. I have about 5 loads of laundry that need to be done and Alex needs shirts dropped off at the cleaners too.

Does the excitement ever end???


Beardawgie said...

I feel your pain Denise. I just wrote the largest check I've ever written in my life for the down payment on our new home....

The feeling was overwhelming....

Oh, and I would have guilty about the TV and Entertainment center too....until the first Sunday NFL Football game came on. Then, all bets would be off ; )

Love ya

Andrea Cox said...

OMGosh! Love the new look on your blog, how cute is this?! I wish I could figure out installing this kinda stuff on mine so that I could personalize it a bit :)

I can totally understand you going back and changing that big purchase, it's hard to do but sometimes you just have to!

Laurie said...

lol at "all bets are off" ;-)

well girl ya probly did the right thing really...your debt free now and with christmas around the corner...ya know! lol..
maybe next year...or do a layaway plan come spring to have by fall or something..tuck the money away so its cash paid or something.