The first week of school...

...is almost over already. And it has been a success too, I might add. Josh is thrilled to be back at school and can't wait to be cleared for Crew Practice. They're starting practices next Monday but he still needs his physical and that will need to be cleared through the school before he can practice. (I still need to get that Crew packet filled out too)

Emily seems to like her new teacher. She's not said anything at all about anyone being bad in her class...so that's a good thing. Last year, she would tell me each day, within minutes of getting in the car, who had to change their behavior apple. She's had homework two days this week and getting her into the routine of actually getting it done when she gets home is quite the challenge. She doesn't understand that homework is a MUST...and not just something to blow off and not do. Of course, this is still something that I work with Josh on too. LOL

Dance has started again too...TWO classes this year. TWO days a week, TWO payments, TWO costumes. At the beginning of the summer, Emily didn't want to dance at all this year. She wanted to try "Karate" instead. I signed her up for her introductory classes and she had a great time, but then decided that she didn't want to do that either. We finally told her that she needed to give dance another shot. She loves to dance, but I think she was bored with ballet. Now she's in Tap and a ballet/jazz combo that will do a jazz number in the recital next June. She went to both classes this week without a fight and actually had a great time. She even told Josh that he would think that her jazz teacher is "hot". ROFL!

With so many errands and things this week, I've not been home long enough to clean my house. This is beginning to DRIVE ME NUTS!!! I can stand a little bit of a mess for a little while, but days long...NOPE. It starts getting to me. But, unfortunately, not enough to bust into it when I get home. I'm wiped out trying to get back into the early to bed and early to rise routine again. The kids are going to bed without any trouble, for the most part...it's just ME that needs to get back in gear now. I need the energy to clean my house.

Maybe I'll get up and get started on it now. Alex is out of dark socks and I'm sure he'll be mentioning t-shirts and underwear soon too. I think I'll start with a load of laundry...and then a coat of paint on the final two doors still needing to be finished.

Aye aye aye...a never ending list!

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Mimi Russell said...

It's good to see you blogging again, Denise!! :) I'll be watching for pics from your big birthday bash!!!