Day 5

I didn't get a chance to get a picture yesterday and almost forgot to get one this morning. The bathroom is coming right along now!!!

We're all drywalled in, and the tile has started going up on the shower walls. I am so excited! He plans to work a bit this weekend so by Monday we should be ready to paint! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I worked the concessions for the Orlando Magic playoff game last night. This is one of our biggest fundraisers for Crew...the concessions for the Arena. OMG, we were sooooooooo busy last night. SLAMMED BUSY! They told us not to make too many hotdogs because it was an 8pm game and most people will probably eat before coming to the game. HA...what did THEY know? We made like 60 hot dogs...and ended up having to keep them rolling...we sold over 400 of them darn things!!! It was amazing! I got home after midnight and didn't get to sleep till after 1. I'm exhausted today!

I have to get ready for the big States Regatta in Tampa today. Heading out around 1:30...wish us good weather and great rowing!! It's been a tough season for our boys this year...it'd be nice to have them medal this weekend! They've overcome so much adversity...they deserve to win this weekend!

Off to vacuum and dust...need to leave a clean house for the housesitter.


Day #2 (and a half)

I didn't get a chance to take a picture last night or this morning before the contractor showed up to work again. But during his lunch break today, I did. We now have a tub and insulation again! Today he's putting up all of the drywall and tomorrow he plans on laying the tile! It's coming together nicely now! Can't wait to get my first bath in that new jacuzzi tub!

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Oh, and on a scrappy note...I've almost got my XXL tote unpacked of the stuff I took with me on the weekend away! Now, to get it all put away and everything cleaned back up again! I've got a little more than an hour till it's time to get Emily. Maybe I should work on getting it cleaned up?


At the end of day one...

The contractor started yesterday...and by the end of the day, this is what the bathroom looks like!
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He took down the rest of the ceiling, disconnected and moved the old tup and has the new fan fixture in the ceiling, a light in the shower (that we didn't have before) and all the electrical stuff moved to where everything needs to go.

Today he's moving the plumbing and not sure what else. He said it's almost time to start putting things back together!! I can't wait to start seeing it all coming together!

Now, I'm off to fold more laundry and try to sneak one more load in before the water gets shut off after lunch.


Dust anyone???

Well, we've decided to remodel our hall bathroom. This is something that we've talked about wanting to do since we bought this house. Something that DESPERATELY needed to be done. I mean, the bathroom was in "usable" condition, but it was rather "dated". The tile that was on the floors and wall was the original from when the house was built in 1973. You know...that really pretty harvest gold color. Ewwww!!!!

Anyway...Alex set out today to bust everything out of there so that our carpenter/do it all handyman guy, Richard, can come in tomorrow and work his magic. He'll be putting up new drywall, new lighting, raising the dropped ceiling...and putting in a new tub, vanity, counter top and tile. He says it'll take him about a week to do this. And man...I can't wait!

Here are a couple of pictures from today...

Josh helped with banging out the tile on the inside wall of the tub/shower. Notice how I caught the spark as the hammer hit the concrete? How cool is that??? See the dust? OMG...it's EVERYWHERE!!! I'll be dusting for a month after this is over with!
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Emily insisted on wanting to help. We bought her the safety goggles at Lowes yesterday and gave her the hard hat and "earhumps" (as she calls them). She helped knock down the ceramic soap dish, toothbrush holder and a few other things. And then insisted on collecting some of the floor tiles to take to school tomorrow for her Sharing Day. (show and tell) She helped for a little while and didn't like how loud things were...even with the "earhumps". Oh well...at least I got a few pictures of her helping her daddy.
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And this photo...see the pretty harvest gold tile? That was taken just after the vanity came out of there and the floor came up.
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There's nothing left in there now but the studs and a concrete floor. Oh, and what's left of the cast iron tub. Alex couldn't get under it to unhook the drain, so he had to leave that for the handman to take care of. Richard will be here at 8am tomorrow morning and we'll be making a run to Lowe's for supplies shortly after I take Em to school.

I can't wait till this is FINISHED!!!


Starting fresh!

With my blog...

It's been over TWO MONTHS since my last post. TWO MONTHS? How is that possible? They say that sometimes life just gets in the way and by golly, that's exactly what happened!

I won't go into long details of the last two months but there was a surgery for me, the death of my Step Dad and all sorts of things in between. As my friend and neighbor said it...I've had "quite a few stresses" in my life lately.

I'm going to try, once again, to maintain this blog and share my love for scrapping, etc. The way that I had intended to do before.

And with that...I've gotta share the fact that I went away this past weekend with my local scrapping buddies. We rented a house in Davenport, Florida...set up specifically for a scrapbook retreat. Its called "Florida's Scrapbook Retreat" and by clicking that link, you can read all about it.

What a great time we had!!! I always have a good time with this group of girls though. These "bitches", as we so lovingly call each other, are some of my best friends. We've been scrapping together for over 6 yrs now. Most of us have high school kids that have been together since Elementary School. We've been through some super great times, as well as some really tough times too. We've lost one of our own to her battle with Breast Cancer and that, I believe, has pulled some of us even closer. I love these women and I know that they're always there...and for that, I am forever grateful!

Our retreat started at 3 pm on Friday and checkout time was at 3 pm on Sunday. We got there, set up our scrapping stuff and went to work. I had a little too much to drink Friday night...oh ok...alot too much to drink...and was in bed by 10:30 that night. I did manage to complete a cute little flip book that an online friend had shared the link for. Shimelle did one on Fiskars TV and the link to the video is on her blog. (click on the link and then go to Sexy Scissors on the right hand side of her blog) I'll share my flip book once I finally get unpacked from the weekend. All of my bags are sitting here, on my scraproom floor, in a pile...just screaming to be unpacked.

On Saturday, although the day started on the slightly hungover side...I did manage to complete a book for my mom. I'm not going to give the details of that, in case she's reading this...but it's beautiful. I can't wait to give it to her! I'll scan it and post it in my gallery at Scrapforums soon.
I made it through Saturday without a nap but went to bed earlier than another else, again on Saturday night.

Sunday morning brought stormy weather outside...heavy rain and wind...even word of a tornado somewhere. We were all oblivious to what was happening outside...the scrapping had once again began. Some of the girls headed home earlier than others. Those of us that stayed behind worked feverishly to get as much done as we could before it was time to go home. I managed to finish a two page Disney spread that I had started AGES ago. I also started on another layout and got about 2/3 of that one finished before packing up.

Now that I'm home again...its time to unpack everything and put it all back where it belongs. I hooked up my scanner again and now need to get busy scanning the stuff that I did. Maybe I'll do that this afternoon. KEYWORD: MAYBE!!!

Oh...and I almost forgot to mention. Today is the day that Memory Lane changes ownership. It was supposed to be done on Monday but it was postponed to today. This LSS has been a favorite of mine since it opened 5 yrs ago. When Liz told me that she was selling the store, I thought long and hard at buying it...the timing just wasn't right. I was saddened to think that the store could possibly close. It used to be such a GREAT scrapbook store and it's suffered a little bit for a while now. I know that the store was Liz's 'baby' and even though she's ready to move on to other things, it'll be hard for her to let go. Here's wish Liz the best in whatever she may do and wishing Mara, the new store owner, the best in everything she does for Memory Lane!! Sometimes change is good...lets hope this is one of those times. I'm excited to see the changes that Mara will bring! (and I've been asked if I'll teach again too...hmmmmmm)

With all of that...I should close. There's a load of laundry waiting for me in the dryer and a few more, on the floor, waiting to be washed. Only 30 minutes till its time for me to get Emily again...so I should get busy!

Thanks for reading! Be sure to leave a comment, if you will...