Dust anyone???

Well, we've decided to remodel our hall bathroom. This is something that we've talked about wanting to do since we bought this house. Something that DESPERATELY needed to be done. I mean, the bathroom was in "usable" condition, but it was rather "dated". The tile that was on the floors and wall was the original from when the house was built in 1973. You know...that really pretty harvest gold color. Ewwww!!!!

Anyway...Alex set out today to bust everything out of there so that our carpenter/do it all handyman guy, Richard, can come in tomorrow and work his magic. He'll be putting up new drywall, new lighting, raising the dropped ceiling...and putting in a new tub, vanity, counter top and tile. He says it'll take him about a week to do this. And man...I can't wait!

Here are a couple of pictures from today...

Josh helped with banging out the tile on the inside wall of the tub/shower. Notice how I caught the spark as the hammer hit the concrete? How cool is that??? See the dust? OMG...it's EVERYWHERE!!! I'll be dusting for a month after this is over with!
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Emily insisted on wanting to help. We bought her the safety goggles at Lowes yesterday and gave her the hard hat and "earhumps" (as she calls them). She helped knock down the ceramic soap dish, toothbrush holder and a few other things. And then insisted on collecting some of the floor tiles to take to school tomorrow for her Sharing Day. (show and tell) She helped for a little while and didn't like how loud things were...even with the "earhumps". Oh well...at least I got a few pictures of her helping her daddy.
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And this photo...see the pretty harvest gold tile? That was taken just after the vanity came out of there and the floor came up.
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There's nothing left in there now but the studs and a concrete floor. Oh, and what's left of the cast iron tub. Alex couldn't get under it to unhook the drain, so he had to leave that for the handman to take care of. Richard will be here at 8am tomorrow morning and we'll be making a run to Lowe's for supplies shortly after I take Em to school.

I can't wait till this is FINISHED!!!


Stacy said...

Very cute pic of her with the safety glasses on! lol

Stacie said...

WOOHOO! Looking good! Love the shot of the sparks, too! Yes, Emily is gorgeous in her earhumps! :)