Day #2 (and a half)

I didn't get a chance to take a picture last night or this morning before the contractor showed up to work again. But during his lunch break today, I did. We now have a tub and insulation again! Today he's putting up all of the drywall and tomorrow he plans on laying the tile! It's coming together nicely now! Can't wait to get my first bath in that new jacuzzi tub!

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Oh, and on a scrappy note...I've almost got my XXL tote unpacked of the stuff I took with me on the weekend away! Now, to get it all put away and everything cleaned back up again! I've got a little more than an hour till it's time to get Emily. Maybe I should work on getting it cleaned up?


Stacie said...

I can't wait to see your scrap stuff, too!

Heather said...

Gosh that tub looks like a good place to soak after a long day of scrapping! LOL!

Just found your blog!