I got home from surgery around 6ish last night and have been in bed ever since. I wasn't nearly as groggy as I thought I'd be so I've not been sleeping as much as I'd expected. I'm supposed to keep the huge bandage on and the leg elevated for the first 24 hours. I have about an hour and a half left...the bandage is itching and very immobilizing. I guess that's supposed to happen, huh?

I've been surfing the net for most of the day. I've put so many layouts in my favorites at both Two Peas AND at Lifetime Moments. Now, I'm so inspired to get into the scraproom and scrap.

I think I'm going to take a few minutes and punch the holes in the mini book and put the rings in and tie the ribbons. I can do that here in bed, right?

I have to do something...I'm going out of my mind. LOL



Is my surgery day. I'm not really nervous about the surgery itself, I'm worried about the pain afterwards. I'm also worried about developing another Hematoma in my leg like the last time. I can deal with the surgery pain but that sucker hurt worse than anything else. Think charlie horse on steriods really...I sure hope that doesn't happen this time!! I've got a pretty good threshhold for pain so to be afraid of that...maybe I'm being a big ole baby. Huh?

Can't remember if I posted that I delivered all of our orders from Dress Rehearsal. Pretty much everyone ooohed and ahhhed over their goodies. So I think everyone was pleased. I took in a couple more orders when I made the deliveries and a few of those folks have since ordered other stuff too. Right now, I have a mini book in the works for one of the current orders.

We took the plunge and signed up to vendor at Nationals. Now, we just need to get busy and get LOTS of samples done and more stuff made to buy right then and there. I think I'll focus on that next week...just need to get these new orders complete first.

Oh...and...we registered our domain name too. We're currently working on getting our blog set up and going. My wonderful friend Michele is helping us do that. Right now you can see it at www.sumpinelsegifts.blogspot.com but soon you'll be able to go to www.sumpinelse.com to check us out. We'll have pictures and stuff there...and we might even be able to take orders from the site too! That would be AWESOME!

Em and I have an appt shortly to get our hair done. Mine is getting cut but Emily likes to get her hair "styled" when I'm there. And my hair stylist LOVES Emily and will do just about anything for her too. She's been cutting our hair since Em was about 1 1/2 and has watched her grow. She spoils her rotten when we're there too.

Till next time!


Sign sealed and delivered!!!

Goodness...this week is FINALLY over! Wow!

What was I thinking when we offered up the orders to be finished in time for Tech Rehearsal...giving us less than two full weeks to fill close to 50 orders? I swear I wasn't on crack...I just wasn't thinking that it would take as much time as it did to make everything that we had to make. HOLY COW!

I went to Maggi's at around 11, last Saturday and didn't come home till 8pm on Sunday. Then I got up on Monday morning, stopped at Joann's for the last of the supplies that we needed and then went BACK to Maggi's till almost midnight Monday night. I worked all day Tuesday here while Maggi did stuff at her house too...and then again on Wednesday. Needless to say, Alex wasn't too happy with not seeing much of me for that many days in a row. From now on, there's a 4-6 week turn around on orders. With each item being handmade...there's just no way we can turn that many orders around in only 10 days. I think Maggi will shoot me if I ever do that again. LOL!

I've added a few other pictures to the slide show in the previous post too...a couple more frames that we did. (no where near all of them though)

I delivered all of the orders to the folks at tech rehearsal on Thursday and Friday. I have one letter to change...we made it the wrong "main color" and then we have a mini album to add stuff to. I want to get the mini album done before Wednesday so that I can give that to her and close that order. The letter may take a little longer but I hope to get it done soon too. We also got four new orders while I was there.

I'm setting up again at our studio on Tuesday and Wednesday. Our photographer will be there with everyone's photos and a lot of people told us this week that they didn't even know we were at Dress Rehearsal. We may end up getting even more orders then too. Wish us luck.

I have to call tomorrow to sign us up at the Dance America Nationals competition too. Its at a Disney Hotel and Maggi and I think it will be a good opportunity to get our name out there even more. That will be July 6th through the 8th. We want to get more samples made and also want to get a few things done to sell "as is" on those days. There will be over 800 dancers at that event...we might need a LOT of stuff. We hope.

Yesterday was Emily's dance recital. She did such a fabulous job on stage. She loves the limelight and it really shows in the smile on her face as she dances. A few weeks ago she told us that she was going to take next year off...that's already changed. She's talking about doing everything she can next year. Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop...you name it...she wants to take it. We'll see about THAT! This is one of the pictures that I took during the recital. Not the best shot but one of the better ones. I took this one in a dark theater with only my 29-200 lens...while she was dancing. I can't expect much better than this.

This week brings the rehearsals for Dance Company again. Em's in two of the dances that will be performing at the Nationals competition that I mentioned above. They already know the dances but they'll be working on polishing them up so they can do the best job possible at competition. I have to look at the calendar but I think we practice 3 out of 5 of the next weekdays and then 4 days the following week.

This Friday, I'm scheduled for arthroscopic surgery on my knee...AGAIN. I tore the Miniscus in my left knee AGAIN...so I'm having the same surgery that I had back in Sept. 05. I slipped, down a hill, at the last regatta we had in Tampa. My good leg went out in front of me and my bad knee buckled under me. I knew then that it wasn't gonna be good. I'd like to wait till after the kids to back to school to have the surgery but we're going on vacation in a few weeks and I really don't want to be bothered with it. Soooo...this Friday...at 4pm. It's outpatient surgery but I expect to be sleeping when I get home till at least Saturday afternoon.

That's the latest on what's going on here. I'm off now to make Beef Stroganoff for Alex for Father's Day. That's one of his favorites!


Frames, coasters and more...

Well, we did it!

Maggi and I finally had our first "set up" for our new company, Sumpin Else. We've been talking about doing something for a few months now and we finally took the plunge and set up a table at Emily's dance rehearsal/picture day. We took a few samples and took custom orders for everything and anything.

Surprisingly enough, this was a HUGE success. We took over 40 orders for stuff. FORTY ORDERS!!!! Can you believe that? Everyone LOVED what we had on display and now Maggi and I are working feverishly to fill these orders before recital next weekend. I'd like to have everything finished and delivered by tech rehearsal on Thursday. Wish us luck.

Now, I think we've decided to set up at the Dance America Nationals competition that's here in July. Aaaaaaaack!!! LOL

Here are a few more of the frames that I've done for the orders. I'll post more as I get them finished. I've got PLENTY more to do and trying to get as many done before I head over to Maggi's tomorrow to work on some other stuff that we plan to do together.