I got home from surgery around 6ish last night and have been in bed ever since. I wasn't nearly as groggy as I thought I'd be so I've not been sleeping as much as I'd expected. I'm supposed to keep the huge bandage on and the leg elevated for the first 24 hours. I have about an hour and a half left...the bandage is itching and very immobilizing. I guess that's supposed to happen, huh?

I've been surfing the net for most of the day. I've put so many layouts in my favorites at both Two Peas AND at Lifetime Moments. Now, I'm so inspired to get into the scraproom and scrap.

I think I'm going to take a few minutes and punch the holes in the mini book and put the rings in and tie the ribbons. I can do that here in bed, right?

I have to do something...I'm going out of my mind. LOL


preci28 said...

Hoping you're feeling up to scrapping!! Going to go check out the new blog in a second!!

JeanneLee said...

Sorry to hear about your knee,Denise...and you have had this surgery before! Yikes! Hope that it heals quicker and you are up and about in no time.

Carolyn said...

Hey Denise. Glad the surgery went well. Congrats on your success on completing all of those orders and having pleased customers. That's a great start. Love the business site.

Karla... said...

Glad everything went well Denise! Wish I was there, I would come hang out with you and keep you company!!!!

Shellieh said...

Hey, your not keeping up here! (I am so one to talk, lol)
Well just wanted to come by and tag your it! see my blog. :D

Susan Blanton said...

Just stopped in to say hi. So sorry to hear you had surgery. Hope things are getting better. I will check back in on ya.