Is my surgery day. I'm not really nervous about the surgery itself, I'm worried about the pain afterwards. I'm also worried about developing another Hematoma in my leg like the last time. I can deal with the surgery pain but that sucker hurt worse than anything else. Think charlie horse on steriods really...I sure hope that doesn't happen this time!! I've got a pretty good threshhold for pain so to be afraid of that...maybe I'm being a big ole baby. Huh?

Can't remember if I posted that I delivered all of our orders from Dress Rehearsal. Pretty much everyone ooohed and ahhhed over their goodies. So I think everyone was pleased. I took in a couple more orders when I made the deliveries and a few of those folks have since ordered other stuff too. Right now, I have a mini book in the works for one of the current orders.

We took the plunge and signed up to vendor at Nationals. Now, we just need to get busy and get LOTS of samples done and more stuff made to buy right then and there. I think I'll focus on that next week...just need to get these new orders complete first.

Oh...and...we registered our domain name too. We're currently working on getting our blog set up and going. My wonderful friend Michele is helping us do that. Right now you can see it at www.sumpinelsegifts.blogspot.com but soon you'll be able to go to www.sumpinelse.com to check us out. We'll have pictures and stuff there...and we might even be able to take orders from the site too! That would be AWESOME!

Em and I have an appt shortly to get our hair done. Mine is getting cut but Emily likes to get her hair "styled" when I'm there. And my hair stylist LOVES Emily and will do just about anything for her too. She's been cutting our hair since Em was about 1 1/2 and has watched her grow. She spoils her rotten when we're there too.

Till next time!

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