Boring blog...

I've decided that I have a rather boring blog...just the look of it is boring! I wanna know how to add my own header...and then I want one of those slide things with my layouts and stuff on it. Who's gonna help me do that??? Laurie, Stacy, Michele???? Huh huh? Come on...I know you guys are tired of looking at this boring thing, right?

Speaking of boring...my day is boring today! I'm in a funk! Probably has a lot to do with the crap between Josh and I last night. Damn, being the mom of a teenager who is extremely jealous of his 6 yr old sister is the pits. I mean, I'm sure just the whole parent of a teenager thing sucks on it's own, but man oh man...Josh has ZERO TOLERENCE for Emily...unless it's on HIS terms. And if his girlfriend is around...it's even worse. Yesterday, he got onto Emily and then onto me for not disciplining her...when I really couldn't get a word in over his...and that led to other things...and lots of screaming and yelling...and a horrible swear from Josh directed AT ME...and a backhand from me to him. Damn, I hate that...my mother backhanded me a lot when I was a teenager and I swore that I wouldn't do it to my kids. But when your 15 yr old is sitting next to you in the car and tells you to quit being a "F***ING SMARTA**" what would be your first reaction? I was pissed at him AND at myself for the rest of the night. Then DH got on him for being disrespectful to me...and got on to Emily for not listening. It was NOT a good night in the Baker household. Sure hope it's better tonight!

I've been pretty lazy for most of today. Still haven't put away everything that I got from the party. I've got it all in one spot and have found homes for a few things, but not all. I want to make a list of stuff for thank you cards and haven't done that yet either. The house is pretty clean...could use a good vacuuming, but that's basically it, except for the laundry. (story of my everyday life)

I'm waiting for Laurie to IM me...I want to scrap...and she wants to scrap too...I would love to challenge with her. Come on Laurie...whatcha waiting for?????


Laurie said...

hey girl!! i can help ya decorate your blog if ya like?! let me link ya some things to get started k..

i hear ya on the family thing...its hard at times to hold your patience so dont beat yourself up to much girl...he was out of line and needs to learn you just can't disrecpt his mama..or anyone for that matter...*hugs*
mine are young now and will do it too and i can't tolerate that..so i do understand! ;-)

on a lighter note...i'm excited bout this challenge thing! lets all get scrappin eh! ;-)

Stacie said...


Mimi Russell said...

When you figure out how to make one of those cool headers...can you teach me??? I have a boring blog too, two of them actually LOL!

Beardawgie said...

Stop being such a f*cking smarta$$ Denise! LOL

Jeesh, I would have gotten back handed too.