Oh la la...

I love my new look. My good friend Michele took care of editing my blog for me today. THANKS SOOOOOOOOO MUCH Michele!!!!! I know I've already thanked you many many many times over, but...I'm just so happy to actually have this done now. It RAWKS girlfriend!!

Oh, and for those that don't know my friend Michele...she's the owner of this cute scrapbooking site called the Shaker Box. She's also my cleaning buddy...IM buddy...shoulder to bitch on buddy. We talk on a daily basis and sometimes think that we were seperated at birth. Thanks for being such a great friend and thanks (once again) for making my blog look so purty!!!

My kiddos are home from school today. Most of the surrounding counties are also home from school today. All the hype about Hurricane Ernesto...or tropical storm...tropical depression. Whatever the heck the storm is. Gov. Bush declared Florida a "state of emergency" on SATURDAY last week...in fear of Ernesto growing to a category 3 storm before hitting Florida. Quite frankly...I think that was a scare tactic, more than anything. I understand how off guard we were with Hurricane Charley...man, do I understand that. And then of course, the devestation to MS and LA last year with Katrina. But, I think the media is really hyping this stuff up now...getting people worried about the little storms now. Crying wolf, per se. And it's really frustrating.

Take school closings today. The kids and I have home all day and have had a bit of light rain this morning but only clouds since around 10. I wasn't going to go anywhere but when there was a HUGE break in the weather, I took off and ran a few errands that I wanted to get taken care of. The kids COULD HAVE gone to school today. They could have done a half day thing...getting everyone home by 2 this afternoon. It's 2:30 now and it's still not raining. I suppose we're supposed to be seeing some wind and lots more rain as the afternoon/evening progresses...but bottom line, today was a waste of a "bad weather day". Now we've lost our day before Thanksgiving for the 3rd straight year in a row.

OK...enough of me complaining about that. My kids really haven't been a pain at all today. I had them both clean their rooms that they've destroyed since school went back in session. I didn't even get all the complaining, etc. that I usually get. Emily finished her room and went across the street to play with her friend. Josh did most of his room (cleaned it to his specs anyway) and has been talking to his girlfriend online. He asked about going to her house but I told him that I was worried that he'd get over there and the weather would get bad and he'd be stuck there and not be able to get home at a decent time. First I told him I'd think about it and then I told him that he could go for a just a couple of hours. He just said that he was going to stay home and probably take a nap. HE DIDN'T EVEN FLIP OVER THAT ONE!!! No attitude or nothing! I love it when that happens!!!

Anyway...I'm off to start another load of clothes and to toss a Cherry Cobbler in the oven. Nothing like a bit of comfort food during a hurricane, huh??? ;)


jake said...

Oh well... aren't you just the posh one now!

LOVE your new blog girlie!!

bookmarking right now for frequent visits - your friend is a star :-)
So happy for you!

jakey xx

Laurie said...

your blog is smokin girl!! love the new look!!

lol that is cool how he wanted to just take a nap!! see he figured he wasnt allowed may as well sleep lol...too funny...