A kick in the pants to get you scrapping!!

I've started a new challenge thread over at Scrapforums. And there's a RAK involved too...so get on over there and check it out. This link right here will get you right into that thread...but don't stop there. Check us out...you might want to just kick up your feet and join us for a while.

Today I've been entering registration stuff for Crew and I even went to the gym too. I've met someone new...a mom of a little guy in Em's class. They just moved here from the DC area. (close to my hometown neck of the woods) She and I have met at the gym twice this week. It sure has been nice to have someone to workout with. She might just be the kick in the butt I need to get to the gym regularly. Wish me luck!!!

No big plans for the long holiday weekend here. We're going to my SIL's b-day celebration I think...but that's about it. Alex might have to work on Monday...that stinks...but he'll get used to this new position eventually and that'll change. (I hope)

Off to get some laundry done and the scraproom cleaned up a bit. I've got another challenge that I want to post today too. So be on the lookout!!

Edited to add:
I just put up the new Friday Technique Challenge at Scrapforums. Come over and join us and get yourself entered for a fun prize at the end of the month!

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Linda said...

Thanks for the challenges!!! Hope to get more done this week!