Monday...no Tuesday.

I have a really tough time with Monday holidays. It throughs my entire week off. I have to really try and remember today that it's Tuesday and that today we have dance...today I have a PTA meeting...today, Josh goes to Scouts to get sign ups for his final (hopefully) work day for his Eagle Scout project this weekend. It is NOT Monday!!

OK...I've got that off my chest.

No gym this morning...I really wanted to go, but I really don't have much time at home today. (see above) I dropped Emily off at school and went to vote. (Florida Primary today) Came home, threw a load of clothes in the washer and am currently scanning stuff to put on Ebay. I'm sick and tired of talking about it. Time to get this stuff outta here. Mainly scrapbook stuff, but a few other things too.

It's DT upload time again at Scrapforums. We worked with Holly McCaig stuff this month for digi stuff...and another digi sponsor too...watch for that later this week. Holly has some of the yummiest digi stuff. She's got the right colors, the right amount of "grunge"...and the right amount of elements to work with too. My very first digi layout was actually done using one of Holly's earlier kits. And now, almost TWO YEARS later (wow), I'm working with her goodies again! These are the two layouts that I've done for her this time. (so far).

Today we're uploading the stuff that we did with the "I'm A Scrapaholic" kit. I'll share it tomorrow...or you can check it out in the Scrapforums gallery a little later. I want to get this stuff on Ebay before I upload them.

And with this...I'm on my way to Ebay...


AnneMarie said...

your son is going to be an Eagle Scout- how cool!!! my oldest brother is!!!
congrats to him for sticking it out and getting such a great accomplishment!

Stacie said...

Denise, I know its been a while since you posted here, hint hint ;) but I came by to check it out anyway and was looking at your awesome layouts. Wow, lady, they are SWEEEEEEET!

Katie Jones said...

Love the layouts. you've been tagged...