BUNCO, CREW and more.

The kids started their Spring Break yesterday and don't return to school again till the 20th of March. I can't believe that we're headed into the LAST 9 weeks of school already. Josh will no longer be a FRESHMAN (he says, thank goodness) and Emily won't be in Kindergarten anymore. Another case of time flying...that's for sure.

I started the weekend off with BUNCO with Kris and a few others in our Bunco group. I haven't been to Bunco since before Christmas. I'm not sure exactly WHY I haven't been able to go, but things have come up along the way. After I said I'd be there, I thought seriously about backing out again at the last minute. The thought of being out late, drinking and having a few laughs with the girls and then getting up and being at the lake for Josh's regatta at 6:30 this morning, didn't appeal to me in the slightest. But, Josh found a ride to the regatta and that gave me a chance to sleep a bit later.

Josh called at 7 something to tell me his schedule for the day. He said they were racing the Freshman 4 boat first but that I didn't need to be there because he thought they'd get spanked. The next two races that he was in weren't till after lunch so Em and I headed out to breakfast and then went to the lake right at about noon. As it turned out, the coach changed the line up for that first 4 man boat and they ended up taking 3rd place for the race that I missed. Darn it...I hate missing stuff like that...I was there for the final two races though. The Novice 8 boat took 2nd place and the Freshman 8 boat took 4th. Josh ended up coming home with a silver and a bronze medal. That makes a total of 3 medals now. Pretty cool, in my opinion!! Here's a pic of his boat coming in second...not a good shot in the blog, but it'll make a great print, full size. Emily and I walked to the finish line to get a few pics and while over that way, we walked further to the playground that they have there too. It gave Emily something to do for a little while. And of course, I had my camera with me so why not take a shot or two of Em while I was at it. This was one of my favorite shots...look at that hair! (and the lack of teeth, LOL) She had such a great time on the slides and didn't believe that her hair did that when she came down. Now I have a picture to prove it. She also thought it was funny to shock me as she came off the slide too. Rotten kid!!

Well, that's about all that I've got to tell about today. After being up late last night and spending the day in the sun today, we're all about ready for bed. Actually, I think Josh has beaten us to it. He's already snoring, I think. Emily is her usual "fighting bedtime" self...she won't give up till I join her. Since Alex is camping with the boy scouts, Em likes to sleep with me...and won't go to sleep till I come in there too. I swear that child is SPOILED ROTTEN!

Till next time...


Beardawgie said...

That's some crazy hair! LOL

ErinRagan said...

Emily is adorable, Denise! And looks so much like her Mommy! WOW! :)