Hey Stacie...this is for you!!

Stacie must be the only one that truly loves me. She's the only one that leaves me comments to remind me of how long its been since I've blogged. At least I know that someone IS actually reading this silly thing. Thanks Stacie...love ya Chica!!

OK...we'll start off with what I've been doing for the past two days. I was invited to go to the PMA (Photo Marketing Assoc.) Convention and Trade show to SCRAPBOOK...of all things! The Scrapbooking Industry is trying to inch their way into the photo industry because well...they just go hand in hand together...bottom line! And they were looking for a couple of scrappers to come down there and just SCRAPBOOK to show how it's done. So...for the past two days, that's where I've been (along with my cool friend Kerri too). Scrapping, meeting and chatting with so many fantasticly fun folks. I managed to get 3 pages done and came home with some really fun product too. It was so much fun and made me think that I'd really like to get into the scrapping industry...more than just teaching or creating pages for other folks. I think my ideal job would be a buyer for a scrapbook store/chain. I love keeping up with the industry and read the websites and stuff about what people like to see...I could shop to stock scrap stores and spend someone else's money doing it! I think that would be an awesome job! Hmmmm...how would one find a job like that anyway??

The pool is COMPLETE! Still a few little things that need to be taken care of, but they're just the little things that only "WE" know need to be changed. Of course, the water temps are way too low for ME right now. I think the floating shark thermometer read 68* today. Only about 20* more and I'll be ready to swim. Emily doesn't seem to mind the cold water. She's already been in the pool on three different ocassions. The nut!

I have my Disney layout class to teach tomorrow evening at Memory Lane. This is a repeat of a class that I did last month. There were a few people interested in an evening class, so we decided to go with that. My next class isn't till the 21st and 23rd. I'll be teaching a card class. My first one since beginning to teach there. I hope there's a good turnout for those two dates. I guess I should get going on the cards and get them on display soon! Maybe that's what I'll work on Friday night.

My scrapping buds are coming HERE on Friday night for our monthly gathering. I'd love to say our "monthly crop" however, we usually end up "gathering", eating, laughing, drinking and laughing some more. We have gotten a little better with the scrapping lately...maybe we can say this is the beginning of getting back down to business. It'll be nice to have my buds over for a party...its always so much fun when we get together and most of them haven't seen a lot of the work that we've done to the house in a while.

Since I've been gone most of this week and I'm having company over...I need to really bust my tail tomorrow and Friday to whip the place back in shape. Things are looking a bit untidy and cluttered right now...need to work on that, BIG TIME!

So, with that...I'm headed to bed. Going to get my good 8 hours of sleep in tonight and get up early and GET BUSY! Hopefully some of my challenge partners will join me. **wink**


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Stacie said...

Well, well, well, look who decided to blog?! :) Seriously, I check here nearly every day to see if anything is new with you. I love reading what you're up to.
That PMACT sounds so cool. I think that's really neat that you had that opportunity to be involved in something like that. It sounds like a lot of fun.
You know, you should talk to Lisa about the buying part. When she was working part time at a scrapbook store, she was responsible for certain product in the store. She might be able to give you some ideas on how to approach people about spending their money. ;)
Emily is a little nutty. 68 sounds a bit low to me, too. I'm with you-when its in the 80s, let me know and I'll be in! But at least she's using it and you can definately know that you did the right thing by spending the money to get the pool. :)
It would be so much fun to take a class taught by you-I bet you're a ton of fun in class! I can't wait to hear how your class goes-I bet it will be fabulous!
Oh, girl! Your friends are going to love seeing all the work you've done to the house! I understand about getting more eating, drinking, and talking done versus scrapping. Maybe you guys can turn it into a twice a month thing? One time is all about the food and drink and the other time is all about getting down to brass tacks? Doesn't that sound like fun? :)
I hope that you slept well, and I hope to see you posting more. Love ya, babe!