Stacie commented on my last entry and said that I'm a slacker. I think she means that I'm slacking on the blog thing...and yes, I am! I am sooooooo horrible at keeping up with blog entries...both adding to mine AND reading others. Can't really blame it on not having enough computer time...cuz I think I spend too much time on the computer already. Just not doing the things that I necessarily SHOULD be doing, like blogging and digi scrapping.

Stacie...for you...I will try to do better, chica!! ;)

Gotta get some stuff done around the house today though. Having a little pot luck over here tonight and since I shopped with Kerri all day yesterday and was a lazy bum the day before, I've got a bit of catching up to do today. Plus, I promised I'd have lunch with Emily today. A mom's job is never done!


Stacie said...

I've got some digi scrapping to do myself...I am hoping to get that done tomorrow.

Pot luck sounds like fun! Hope your lunch with Emily was good.

Um, did you know that you missed a kraut-ton of snow this weekend? Your kids would have gone NUTS!

Stacie said...

7 days? Where ARE you?

Oi, girl. ;)

Mickey said...

Oh Denise I am just as bad! It was nice catching up with your blog tonight. Thanks for being better at keeping up than I am ! LOL

Stacie said...

Its MARCH!!!