Another weekend...

Man, what a day yesterday was. DH and I were extremely tense and ended up snapping at each other yesterday afternoon. He'd been a little snippy at the kids and then mentioned something about needing to get the place cleaned up because it was getting to him. ANYTIME he mentions anything about the house being a mess, I tend to take it extremely personal. I probably shouldn't take it personally, but I do...sometimes I feel as if I'm being pulled into 50 different directions, being asked to do this or that...taking me away from what I "should" be doing. Can you call this person? Will you do this for me today?? I need you to do me a favor??? Sometimes I feel like I get taken advantage of...like everyone needs MY help...but that I need to scream and yell or beg and plead to get anyone to "help" me if I fall behind.

We all cleaned the house in our fit of anger...we cracked the proverbial whips and even had the kids cleaning up. Emily is a SLOB! No matter what she's doing, or where...something gets left wherever she was. You can always tell whether Emily's been in the room. Blankets get left on the floor. Clothes laying all over. EVERYWHERE! We had a long discussion with her about this too. I have to really get onto her about this and maybe increase her chores to help a bit more around here. She doesn't really do much of anything. THIS WILL CHANGE!!!

DH and I ended up running a few errands last night together and talked things through. Glad to get it off of our chests...that's for sure! We both agreed that we need to start spending more time with the kids...he really needs to show DD a lot more attention than he does.

Today, we all kicked in and picked up the front yard. Since they started the pool, we haven't been running the sprinklers because the pipes are broken in the back. The weeds were taking over the front yard terribly! We all worked together and were able to get it looking decent before 1. Plenty of time now to head off to the park or do whatever it is we're going to do.

Oh, DH got my computer all hooked up yesterday. We're a little concerned about the docking station...we got a laptop this time so that I can take it with me if I want/need to. (to the condo, etc) Anyway, the laptop doesn't dock right up to the docking station...it connects through a USB. This means that everything else that I have...my printer, scanner, hotsync cradle, card reader...everything else needs to be hooked up through a USB hub. We got the high speed hubs and everything is connected...but, my mouse is being whompy now anytime I go to the web. Just a slight delay really...but a delay nonetheless. I think I might need to call Dell this week and see if we did this the right way. I will be very frustrated if I have to wait for every little step...the computer is a monster and shouldn't be slow AT ALL.

OK...em's here and ready to head to the park. I'd better get on with things. I want to come home and play with my Wishblade...but will need to pick up the scraproom a little bit before I can play. While cleaning yesterday, things got dumped in here...stuff that nobody knows what to do with or stuff that nobody cares to deal with. Just put it in Mom's room...SHE'LL take care of it.


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Stacie said...

Hey, slacker! What's going down?

I guess you must still be cleaning? hehehehe