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I haven't gotten up since my last post...oops...sitting here enjoying my Caramel Dolce latte from Starbucks...surfing the net...checking e-mail. I went ahead and checked Stacie's blog to find out what I'd been tagged to do. This is my second post for the day, so if you're interested, scroll down and read my last entry too.

Here goes my tag stuff...

Most recent...

Music downloads: I don't have an MP3 player at this time, so I don't d/l music. Most of my downloads these days are of digi scrapping kits. I leave the music d/l to DS and DH...they've both got the Ipods. For me, music is usually listened to on either Yahoo Messenger music or I've got the TV's on the digital music channel that plays the PARTY FAVORITES. Stuff from the 70's, 80's and 90's. Party stuff from my day...not today's party stuff. LOVE that station!!!! Told ya I was a dork!!

Audiobooks: I haven't listened to an audio book in a long time. I usually like to listen to them when I'm going to be in the car for a long period of time...especially when I'm by myself. I don't go very far in the car anymore though. And if I do, I'm usually not alone.

Videogames: Again, not a big thing for me. Sometimes I'll play Galaga or the Barbie game on the PS2 with the Emily and if I get really bored, I'll play JewelQuest on Yahoo Games. But other than that...nothing. Oh, we got Scene It for Christmas...we've played it a few times lately. Does that count??

Books: I'm currently reading VANISHING ACT by Jodi Picoult. A very good book, IMO...only the second book I've read by her. The first being MY SISTER'S KEEPER. Liz at Memory Lane says that all of Jodi Picoult's books are good. Before this book, I read AT FIRST SIGHT by Nicholas Sparks. It was good too...but I didn't see the ending coming...that's for sure. Alex just finished reading THE DAVINCI CODE and said that he thinks I might like it. I'll try and start it next.

Movies: Haven't seen many movies in the theater lately but I love NETFLIX!!! I just watched Monster In Law, Bewitched and Must Love Dogs. They were all three excellent movies, IMO...and they're headed back to Netflix today. Not sure what's in the queue next.

Television: During the day, if I'm not listening to the music channel on TV, I usually have the TV tuned into either TLC, HGTV or the Food Network. In the evenings, I enjoy the Bachelor, Survivor, The Biggest Loser, Wife Swap, Super Nanny and Lost. I never thought I'd be a reality TV junkie. LOL! My favorite Sit-Coms are King of Queens (so much like Alex and I), My Name is Earl and Yes, Dear. Most of the TV shows that I like get recorded with the DVR and I find myself watching them while folding laundry during the day. And fast forwarding through the commercials too.

Tag: Ummmm...I'll tag Kerri, Jess and Kristin

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Stacie said...

MMmmmm, Starbucks!! Made me jealous!

I like 70s, 80s, and 90s party music, too. Don't you love that the tv can give us music, too? ROCK ON! :)

I think Scene It sounds like a cool game-and it has so many different add on packs. Cool stuff!

Those books sound good. I keep seeing Picoult's books and want to read them. I loved DaVinci code-you should read it, too.

Wasn't Monster In Law a hoot? I haven't seen the others. :(

You and Steve would get along just great-reality tv junkies. :)

Thanks for answering-I love tagging people because its such a neat look into people's lives that we miss in day to day conversation.

You rock, chica! (((HUGS)))