Another one for Mom...

Another crazy weekend here.

Saturday was the Orlando City Champs regatta. This was our very last regatta at Turkey Lake. Its hard to believe that our four years of rowing is coming to an end. I've been counting the days and weeks but now that the end is near, its kind of bittersweet.

I was so proud of Josh and his lightweight 4 boat this weekend! They rowed an incredible race and finished in first place...with LOTS of open water too. Nothing at all like the same race last year where they placed second by a fraction of a second. This coming weekend is the Florida States Championship Regatta. They've got a darn good chance at taking this one too. Good luck to our boys! How awesome it would be to finish on top! To be the first place Florida State champs!! It'd be nice to see them go to Nationals but they've opted for Stotesbury, no matter what the outcome this weekend.

Last night I worked one of my last Amway Arena events too. We had a hotdog stand for the Fleetwood Mac concert. Not the best concert I've worked but it was still fun to see the people that I knew there and the group that worked with me last night were a great group. We sang to the music, danced a bit and laughed too! It wasn't nearly as busy as I'd expected it to be...guess that's a sign of the times, eh?

I slept in till almost 11 this morning and I admit that haven't done much since I got up. I did finish this frame that I started yesterday though. I love this one too. So feminine, I think. I can imagine a new mommy pic in this or even a pic of a mom with only girls. The lime green is of course, one of my favorite colors and paired together with the pinks...I'm loving it!

I've listed this in my Etsy shop already. Feel free to share the link with family and friends!

Now, its about time for Em to get home from school. (already) I'd better get up and get something done before she gets here.

Till next time...

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