Slowing down a bit...

Whewww...what a week its been! I just realized that its been more than a week since I posted. I wanted to get in here and give a little update before the weekend.

Last Wednesday, I posted my latest frame creation. This beautiful 25th Wedding Anniversary frame. This one started as a dance frame idea originally but as I moved forward, it wasn't coming together as I had planned. So, I took it in a completely different direction. Ending with one of my most favorite frames to date.

I listed this one in my Etsy shop and sold it within 30 minutes. What a great boost to the ego! (thanks Laurie!!) I was also contacted by a couple of others for frames JUST LIKE THIS ONE!

The fun didn't stop there though. I also got a phone call from a guy from a not so local crew team that had seen my samples on display at a recent regatta. He needed THREE frames for his end of the season banquet. Add these to the other crew frames that I'm working on.

That same evening, I see a regular customer of mine and she gives me a photo of her son and his prom date, and asked me to do TWO frames for a similar photo.

So...Wednesday turned out to be a VERY good day for my business. I couldn't be more thrilled! I have custom frames, in all stages, working at the moment. No complaints from this end!

This past weekend was our States Championship Regatta in Sarasota. We knew going into the weekend that our lightweight 4 had a good shot at doing well in this race. The took first in their heat on Saturday, moving them straight into the Grande Final on Sunday.

I have to admit...Sunday morning was so stressful. Alex and I agreed that we couldn't remember ever being as nervous as we were for this race. In all of Josh's 4 yrs of rowing, this one had us nervous. We just knew how badly they wanted this win!

With much anticipation, we wished the boys (and Teri) the best of luck as they headed off to get on the water and we waited until race time. The parents waited at the finish line for the race to begin and listened to the screaming and yelling as everyone cheered on their favorite boat. We were sooooooooo happy to see that our boys were ahead. We were even MORE THRILLED when they crossed the finish line in FIRST PLACE!!!! Not only did they take first, but there was about TWO BOAT LENGTHS OF OPEN WATER between them and the second place finishers. Oh my goodness...we were so proud! I was in tears before they even made it across the finish line.

What an incredible way to finish your last season, Josh! After all that we've gone through this year. The serious ups and downs of this season. You went back, gave it your all...and this is your reward! You rowed hard and fast! Congrats on your win!

Next...its STOTESBURY!! You know I'll be cheering you on all the way!

So, this is the latest from this end. Now that our time with Boone Crew is coming to an end. Things should start to slown down a bit. Weekends won't be so crammed full of this and that. For now though, I must get the to-do list completed for the day and get productive. I have phone calls to make, frames to paint, laundry to be folded.

Until next time...

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Dorana said...

denise! ive been meaning to drop you a line and wish you congemulations on your son's big win! how exciting and bitter sweet for you and your family!

i also wanted to wish you congems on all of the new orders! things are really coming along great for you!

i've awarded you a BLOGGER FRIENDSHIP FRIDAY AWARD for all of your love and support! come check it out!


siempre- dorana