Monday Monday...

What a week, what a week!

We decided to go ahead with the garage sale again on Saturday. The day after the rainout. The number of folks that we had was pleasantly surprising and we certainly can't complain about how much stuff we got rid of!! Alex even wants to do another one in the fall. So, we packed everything up that was left and have already started a new "donate pile" in the garage.

The kids went back to school last Monday and I was back to getting things done around here. My daily to-do lists were chock full...each and every day. Sure makes for the time to go by quickly! But, the tax stuff got pulled and taken to our tax lady, the carpets got shampooed and even the laundry got caught up. It was a rather productive week for me.

On top of all of the every day things that I did, I also completed a few frame orders. I finished nine of the Boone Crew frames that were ordered at Hood Cup. It was nice to finish these and be able to deliver at the regatta this past Saturday. Now I'm waiting to hear from another team about doing a few frames for them...to be delivered at the States Championships at the end of the month.

I've got a few more orders to finish up and am starting on the Mother' Day and Teacher Appreciation ideas too. I would also like to get a few things done for the Grads too. Might need to come up with something for the Grad in my household too.

Easter weekend was another crazy weekend for us. I had my scrapping buddies over on Friday night for our monthly crop. Its always so much fun to get together with this bunch. We've been together for more than 6 years and when we're together, the stories that are shared make me laugh so hard. I love getting together with my ya-yas! Oh, and I started a mini book at that crop too!

Saturday was spent, like most Saturdays, at the lake. I cannot believe that I now have only TWO more regattas left. That's it...JUST TWO! City Champs this weekend and States in two weeks. Gosh...what will I do with my Saturdays again? It's been a very challenging season and I know that as much as I look forward to it being over, I will miss it all the same. Four years with the team...the last three being on committees and even the board...being so emotionally involved. All of it has taken its toll...but I'm sure I'll miss it when it's gone. I'll certainly miss watching Josh race...that's for sure. He truly enjoys rowing and I love to watch him on the water. He's so passionate...wants to be the best that he can be. I will miss that part of it, for sure. Row hard, row fast, Josh!!

After the regatta Saturday, we spent the evening with our friends, Bruce and Nancy. They invited us to participate in their Passover Seder. This was the first time we'd ever done anything like this but we thoroughly enjoyed it. And of course, the company was awesome. We knew some of the folks there but met a few new people too. We connected with them on so many levels...some were from St. Louis and Michigan...and one girl's sister started the crew team at FSU a few years back. It was fun to sit back and listen to Alex reminisce about things in St. Louis and Josh enjoyed learning more about crew at FSU. He's looking forward to rowing in college and he now has a contact name to find out more about the team!!

Easter Sunday started off with yet another wonderful churc service at Fellowship Orlando. I love this church! I've never, in my life, found a church that I feel so comfortable with. The people at Fellowship are all so welcoming and Pastor Rodney Gage is so inspiring. He is such an amazing speaker and he puts everything into perspective. I look forward to going to church each week and I also look forward to enhancing my relationship with God. Fellowship has so much to offer and I look forward to being a part of such an awesome Church!!

The rest of our Easter Sunday was spent with family in Winter Haven. Complete with the Easter Egg hunt, a delicious meal and great company. It was fun to meet the friends of Bob's that Alex has told me so much about.

We were home by 7 last night and I was asleep by 9. I was exhausted! Now, its the start of another week. Time to get up and get started on this week's to-do list. I'll be sure to post any of the newest creations on here, so be on the lookout!

Until next time...thanks for stopping by and be sure to let me know you were here.

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