Its raining, its pouring...

And while we definitely need the rain...the storms that accompanied this rain can stay away. As far as I'm concerned anyway. I'm such a sissy when it comes to storms. Even more so since the Hurricanes of 2004. The thunder doesn't bother me much...the lightning scares me...but the tornado watches and warnings completely FREAK ME OUT! I find myself worrying about the trees that were left standing after those hurricanes. And remember all too clearly, the damage that was left when the two trees fell on the house. (compliments of Hurricane Charley)
I had every intention of making today a productive day. It even started on a good note. That is, till I caught a glimpse of the weather radar on the TV. It was not a pretty picture! My mom would be proud though...it made me break out the weather radio. Needed to listen for warnings in our area.

Having my kids at school with all of this around us doesn't make me too comfy either. The mother hen in me comes out and I want everyone here, at home, where I know I can do my best to keep them safe.

Anyway, things got kind of nasty for a while. I think the majority of the bad stuff was at one point, just north of us. Then a second band came through and that went just south of us. The rain poured but I've seen worse. The weatherman even said that the band of rain was dropping 9-10 inches of rain in an hour...but luckily, it was moving at about 30-40mph and wouldn't leave that much rain in any one area. I did get out there to snap a few pictures though...from the front door anyway. (I do sometimes have sense enough to stay in, outta the rain.)

I wanted to share this picture too...poor Koda.
She's an even bigger sissy than I am when it comes to storms. The second she hears thunder, she starts trembling and usually won't leave my side. I was in our room watching the weather on the TV and caught her like this. Hiding her head under our bed. Poor thing...she's such a baby!

Looks like things are clearing up out there now. By the looks of it, we might not even get anymore rain today. Either way, I'll be checking the radar every so often, just in case.

I'm off to reboot the laundry now and get dinner in the crockpot. Having Savory Lemon Chicken tonight. Another recipe from e-mealz!! I have a Crew meeting tonight and Alex usually has to take of dinner on his own. Won't he be surprised to have something waiting for him when he gets home?!!? I'm being such a good wifey. LOL

I'm also working on a frame today and trying my hand at some handmade flowers for this one. I hope it turns out as good as the picture in my head. If I get it finished today, I'll post it here and put it up on Etsy too.

So...with that...I'm off!!!

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