Today is the day!!!

My class was awesome! I was pretty pleased with everything. I got sidetracked and had to bring myself back in a couple of times, but nothing major! Everyone gave me good verbal feedback so that certainly helped!

Now...to gear up for the class on the 15th. I'm excited now...now that my first class is under my belt! Woo hoo!!

Oh and after the class...I had lunch with Tina (works at Memory Lane) and my new friend Kerri. Tina could only spend her lunch hour with us but Kerri and I sat and yapped till it was time for me to pick up Emily. She's soooooooo much fun! And she's coming to the Ya-Ya's Christmas party tomorrow night with me too!

It's the day that I teach my first class at Memory Lane! An altered candle class. I have nine people signed up and I'm feeling pretty good about it. I hope everything goes smoothly! I'm not really nervous about it...just a little bummed that I went way over budget for it...but, chalk it up as a learning experience. Now I know what to do differently next time.

I'm off now to finish my hair and gather everything to take with me. I think I have everything pulled and sitting together...and if I forget anything, again...another learning experience. I need to be there at 9:30 and the class starts at 10.

Oh, and I got to play with alcohol inks last night. Liz bought them for the store for me to use in a tiny part of this class today and I wanted something else to show. I did this kind of funky card...love the background. I need and want to get more of these inks now. I want them all!!!!

OK...I'm off for now. Will write an update later when I get back from class!Wish me luck!


Mickey said...

Congrats! Glad the class went so well!

Kerri said...

Hey, woman! The class rocked! :-) My neighbors have been over here admiring my candles.

Hey, I need your address! Email and street. I have your email somewhere, but I can't find it! Let me know it when you have a chance. Hope your day was great!


twistedsoda said...

sounds like the class was a blast!!! Looks like you've accomplished alot these days...I am still working on LO#2.