Edited to add (4:21pm): Just finished vacuuming the floor and am ready to create something. Not quite sure what yet, but I'm thinking. I still have a few things to put away...the little things...but they're stashed away nicely and the room looks neat and tidy once again.

I guess I might want to think about getting dressed today too. I've been in my jammies all day. Not that I have anywhere to go...but I really should get dressed.

Edited to add (2:03pm): I got a few things scanned to list on Ebay and have made very little progress on the floor stuff. I'm losing steam and tempted to just close the door and go hang out with DH and digi scrap for a while. Oh, I did get some really cool altered letters hung up that my friend Cheryl sent me for my b-day. She's so cool and so talented...and the letters look GREAT on my scraproom wall!!

Edited to add (12:10pm): I have both the computer desk and the scrapdesk cleaned off. Now I need to work on the huge pile of stuff that gets tossed on the floor. (bags that aren't unloaded, etc)

Ha...moving right along!!

That's me! This is a picture of what my scrap desk looks like right now...
just the scrap desk. You can't see the floor, or the computer desk. I swear I don't know how it gets so cluttered so quickly. I know I have far too much in the lines of scrapbooking supplies...maybe that's the problem? Nah...I won't admit to that. NEVER! I think I just need to come up with a more organized way of storing stuff. Yeah, that's it...that's what I'll blame it on. Disorganization.

Well, this is what I'll be working on today. And after I get it cleaned up again...I need to work on cleaning up after each layout. This is absolutely ridiculous. I can't create in this kind of mess...I just can't!

Off to work on the computer desk first. And then will work my way around the room. I could be buried alive in here I think. YIKES!

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twistedsoda said...

I have that same destructive fairy over at my house. Every time that I turn my back, my room is a tornado. We must be related!