Good friends, good times!!

Tonight we had the Comstock's over for dinner and a few beers. They were our neighbors at the other house and we've not seen them nearly enough as we would like to since we both moved.

Alex and Jerry have had a long time rivalry going between them with Nebraska and Missouri football each Fall. Missouri beat Nebraska this year and of course, Alex takes advantage of this and rubs it in Jerry's nose as best way possible. Today, we picked up a big dried cornhusk at the pumpkin patch and took it to Jerry's house. He loves the bantering and we all have a great laugh over it. We invited their family over for dinner tonight and they just left not too long ago.

It was nice to sit outside by the fire pit, laughing, drinking beer, roasting marshmallows. It was a lot like old times and we really do need to do that more often. Sitting out there got us even more anxious to get the pool built so that we can do that way more often! The weather here right now is perfect...jacket temps, no bugs. LOVE IT!

After playing Bunco last night though, having to have Emily at cheer by 8:30 this morning and then a few beers tonight...man, I'm tired! There is NOTHING going on in the morning. I can actually sleep in! I can't stress how much I look forward to sleeping in tomorrow!!


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Mickey said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend!