How is it???

That a comment from your 14 yr old DS can spark a mood like no other??? I had asked my DH to run to the store for me to pick up some stuff for dinner...he said he wasn't hungry...this meant, I was on my own for running to the store. When 14 yr old son asks "what's for dinner??" and I said "I wasn't sure yet...asked dad to go to the store but he didn't want to" and the smart mouth 14 yr old replied "Well, we worked hard today!" In other words, you didn't do squat while Dad and I spent an hour, maybe two, pulling up the carpet on the back porch and cleaning out the shed. (getting ready for the pool to be started) This was said in the middle of my beautifully cleaned scraproom, no less...but in the 14 yr old's eyes, nothing that I do in the scraproom is considered "working". WHATEVER!!!

This threw me right into a pissy mood. I went to the grocery store BY MYSELF...took a little bit of extra time to cool off.

Then drove the 14 yr old to youth group and he said he was sorry but I told him that I didn't appreciate the lack of respect and appreciation for what I do. He then replied that he knew "exactly how I felt"...I then had to remind him that he couldn't know how I felt because he wasn't a parent being looked down upon by their 14 yr old son. This child does not understand that he is NOT my equal...and I'm not quite sure how to get him to understand this.


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Jessica B. said...

Sheesh!! (((hugs Mom!))) We have to put up with too much, huh? If only they knew!