He called!!!

But I missed the call, darn it! Emily and I were on the couch watching the recording of "So You Think You Can Dance" and I didn't hear the phone ringing till it was too late. Josh called to let us know that things were going great!

He said that it was about 40 something degrees and that the hot springs were steaming alot. They'd gone swimming last night...I assume it was in the springs. It was about 5:30am there and they were up and getting ready for breakfast and then a busy day was planned ahead. He sounded tired but said that he had "little to no" jet lag.

Emily and I just stayed around the house today and got things cleaned up. Em was a great helper. It was a rather productive day...so the time went kind of quickly. Tomorrow we're going to check out a gymnastics camp. If we like it, Em will go the remainder of this week and maybe another week this summer. I think it'll be great for her to have something to do and a gymnastics camp will be right up her alley. The dance studio has a camp for two different weeks in July, but I think Em would enjoy getting out and doing something before then.

And for now, I'm listening to my latest audio book and cleaning up the scraproom.

Until later...

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heather said...

aww sorry to hear you missed Josh's call....