In my inbox this morning

I woke up this morning to a bunch of pictures from the kids in New Zealand. Josh said that some of the kids are taking pics with their phones and then sending to a blog that they're using to share some stuff with the folks back home. These two made me happy because they're two of the few shared that have Josh in them.

I don't know anything about these pictures other than the fact that the first one was apparently taken at a Sound Studio of some sort. I assume Josh and the other person were posing as anchormen? Josh is wearing a curly wig and this get up just cracked me up. That's my boy...always being a goof.

Of course, the second picture is again, Josh being a goof. Some of the kids had their faces painted for a Rugby Match. I think he said that New Zealand was playing France and they painted their faces to support the NZ team. There were a few other pictures shared...one looking as if they were posing as KISS band members...tongues hanging out and all. LOL I really cannot wait for Josh to get home and give he his commentary on these pictures and the ones the "tons" of pictures that he promises that he's been taking too.

They're on their way to Australia today...and more fun to begin soon.

I've been scrapping more too. (the image here is clickable to see a larger pic of this layout) So far, I've finished 6 of the 11 challenges posted at Lifetime Moments. I didn't get anything done yesterday or today and with a new challenge posted each day, I could fall wayyyyyyyy behind really quickly. I have a new set of pictures sitting on the desk right now, just waiting to pick paper to go along with them. I'm planning on using one of the LM challenges with them, so wish me luck.

Emily and I have played together a lot today. We spent a lot of time in the pool actually. She loves to have me in there with her. I'm usually a big wimp unless the water temps reach close to 90*. Water temps are at about 84* and with 92* air temps, the water was actually quite comfy. We got out to get her drawers cleaned out in preperation for a garage sale we're having this weekend. By the time we were finished, it was storming. It was still fun to play like that for a while.

Now, to figure out what's for dinner. I'm thinking chicken salad sandwiches and fruit salad. Nice and light for this hot day.


Margaret Lembcke said...

I guess we are Blog "twinkies" as we have chosed the same template. I just changed mine recently. I have a ? for you...how do you get pictures all over in your posting? I can only put them at the top...and if I chose more than one they are all together! I like yours all throughout!

I love reading your blog too.....it sure seems that you have started your summer on the "busy" track! Wow......Great layout here! Nice and Outdoorsy, which of course was your goal! As always, great photos and stories!

Hmmmm...I have never noticed that Handicap symbol by the word verification before...it says "listen and type the letters you hear" that is kinda cool too!

ErinRagan said...

Hi Denise! Wanted to let you know that you've been "tagged" over at my blog! so stop by and check it out!