HE'S HOME!!!!!

Josh got home last night...just before midnight. We're so happy to have him home too! We stayed up till after 2am listening to his stories and looking at the pictures that he took on his trip. And I must say, he got some really fun shots too! I've taught him well!

We all slept in this morning. I didn't get up till 10:45. YIKES!

Josh unpacked his suitcase and gave everyone the goodies that he brought home for us. And of course, the sure sign that he's home...a picture of his room and what it normally looks like. HA...the child hasn't been home for a full day yet and his room is DESTROYED! LOL

My boy is HOME!!


Mimi Russell said...

Hooray! The wait is over. Can't wait to see pics!

By the way, TAG, you're it! http://blog.michelle.therussells.com/blog/_archives/2007/6/22

Margaret Lembcke said...

Well, it is NICE to have them home isn't it? Kim is home too! Dirty clothes and all....