Making great progress!!

The scraproom is coming together nicely. I've been working on it feverishly...working toward the goal of having it complete by this weekend. I've got a ton of stuff to let go of...I need to get a bunch put up here...and will try and do that either tomorrow or the next day. If you want to see some of the progress...here's a picture that I took tonight.

My organizer friend is coming over again tomorrow. Even though its so terribly late tonight, Rachel will push me to get lots more done tomorrow!!!

I just finished the 8th of 9 discs of an audio book that I've been listening to. Usually, with just one disc left, I'd stay up and listen. But it's almost 1:30 am and I am going to hate myself in the morning!!!

Keep watching tomorrow and the next day...I'll have idea books, magazines, unmounted alphabet stamps, alphabet stickers and MORE! I might even lower the price of the QK too...just to make it go away. Its such a freeing feeling to get this stuff outta here!

Until tomorrow...or the next day...


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