Ahhhh...the weekend.

It's so quiet right now...Josh went to help a friend of ours clean out his garage. (for $$) Emily's still sleeping after being up till after midnight last night. And Alex just went back to sleep...after having poker night here till 2am. I'm now sitting in the scraproom, drinking a peanut butter/banana (with a touch of choc) smoothie...enjoying this peacefulness. Even the dogs are quiet right now. Sunny's curled up in the bed with Alex and Koda's looking out the dining room window watching for squirrels and cats. As soon as she sees one, things won't be so quiet anymore. LOL

So, I was in the bedroom this morning, being lazy...and decided to plug in the laptop and check my favorite scrapbook boards. (My usual morning routine) I went to plug in the power cord and the outlet sparked, zapped and popped...only to knock out the power to everything on that plug and the other plug on the same wall. Scared the bejeebers outta me. Luckily there doesn't seem to be any type of damage to the laptop, thank goodness! Just talked to a friend of mine that works for the power company. He's going to come over tomorrow to fix the two outlets. He says there's nothing to worry about them...just not to use them till they're fixed. Okie dokie, no problem. Electrical stuff scares the crap outta me!

Alex had his poker buddies over here last night and it was a success. Well, for some, it was an even bigger success. Alex didn't win a thing...Josh played a couple of games and actually won one. So, he gets to pay me back the $$ that I lent him to play the first one he sat in.

The kids and I had gone out for a few hours at the beginning of the evening. We had dinner at Sweet Tomatoes with Mom, Taylor and Tawny. We met there at 6:30 and they were PACKED. This made it tough to make the 7:30 showing of Charlotte's Web. By the time we got out of the restaurant and to the movie theater, it was 7:40. I was going to buy the tickets at the ATM type ticket thing to save some time but they were both turned off. WTH...it's FRIDAY NIGHT! I go upstairs to the ticket booth and the lines are FOREVER long! I called my mom's cell and told her I didn't think it'd be a good idea. By the time we'd get into the movie, we'd have missed a good portion of the beginning of the movie. No thanks.

I wasn't sure what we'd do then...it was just before 8 and there was really no way that I should take the kids home this early. We went to AC Moore, to the kids dismay...they can't stand going to any type of craft store with me. Although, at AC Moore, Emily found a cute little wooden box that she wants to decorate and Josh got found a canvas and a couple of thing to make for his girlfriend. I picked up some new stipple brushes, blending stubs and the latest Take Ten idea book. By now, it was about 8:45...still a little too early to head home. So we head over to Barnes and Noble. Josh wanted to look for a new James Patterson book and I figured Emily would have fun looking for the latest Junie B. Jones book.

We get to Barnes and Noble and there's a HUGE celebration going on. There's a big book signing going on...Janet Evanovich is there signing her latest novel, Plum Lovin'. Everyone was decked in purple t-shirts, purple balloons were flying everywhere...music was playing loudly and things were rocking! There were literally HUNDREDS of people there waiting to have their books signed. LITERALLY HUNDREDS!!!! There were people there that had been there for HOURS, waiting for their number to be called. Everyone was given a wrist band with a number on it and they called 50 numbers at a time. We talked to one woman that had been there since 6pm...just waiting. Another couple was there, with two little ones...the husband said something the wife and I saw the wife say "I didn't realize it'd be this crazy". I didn't get a wrist band to have the chance to meet the author, but Josh found a couple of books that he wants to read, I picked up a couple of magazines to look at while Emily searched the kid's section. We all enjoyed the music...especially when they played SWEET CAROLINE...we love that song...thanks Kyle! **grin**

By now, it's getting closer to 10...and I've decided to go ahead and start heading home. While heading down Conway Rd., Josh and I notice that the people in the car next to us are gawking at us. A man and a little girl, maybe around 10 or 11. And they were really gawking. Like maybe they know us or something. They wave, we wave back...LOL. So, at the next stoplight, they roll down the window and start chatting with us. Here, we learn that there are two little boys in the back seat. One of them says "who are you???". By this time, Josh is cracking up...getting the biggest kick out of what he thinks is someone hitting on his mom. HEAVEN FORBID! So, I started feeding into that...told him that the guy was probably looking for a mom for his kids...but that's ok...sorry, dude...I've got enough kids of my own. Josh couldn't WAIT to get home and tell Alex (and all of his friends) about the guy that was flirting with Mom on the way home. I kindly reminded Josh that even though I'm FORTY, I'm not old...and that there really are some people that might still find me attactive. BRAT!!

Well, Em's awake, finally! I'm sure she'll be wanting something to eat soon. I need to work on some finance stuff today. Get things in line for the new year...a couple weeks late...but better late than never, right???

Till next time!!


alli_scraps said...

sounds like quite the adventure last night...but sounds fun!!!!!

Latharia said...

I'd be freaked out, too, with that electricity popping and snapping!