Man rules?????

OK...my friend that works for the power company came by this morning to check the plug that I zapped yesterday...come to find out...DH didn't reset all the breakers in the box and that's all it was...a tripped breaker. My friend said that I didn't need him because Alex fixed it himself. And then Alex told me that he couldn't tell me how he fixed it because of the "MAN RULES". In other words...he felt silly and he'd have to give up a MAN CARD if I knew that he hadn't checked everything. I guess I just need to remember that I am NOT married to an electrician...or a plumber. Oh well...it's fixed now. And my shower light, bathroom outlet and all the plugs in my bedroom are all working nicely once again. LOL

The retirement party was very nice last night. I went with my friend, Nancy, who teaches at Em's school. No matter what, I always have a great time when I'm with Nancy cuz she's a hoot and has the best sense of humor EVER...and can crack you up in a heartbeat. But, besided the good company, the party itself wasn't so bad. I got more than 100 pictures for the principal to have as a reminder of this great time. Josh's first grade teacher was there...she teaches at a different school now and she came to celebrate with us. It was so fun to see her and catch up on things. She can't believe that Josh is now in TENTH grade. LOL

I got home by 11...but sat up on the computer chatting with my good friend Michele, and a few of the gals from The Shaker Box. They had me cracking up so badly that I was crying! We were trying out a new chat feature at the Shaker but others were able to pop in and out...so as soon as a stranger would come in, we'd chase them outta there. It was HILARIOUS!! I was afraid I was going to wake Alex and the kids from laughing.

Today, I slept till 10. Gotta love that! I've ran a load of dishes in the d/w, working on the second load of clothes and am getting ready to run Emily to a birthday party. She's all decked out and is so excited to go to this party. Little girls are so funny like that! After that party, we have to go to dinner with my bil, sil and nephew...it's our nephew's birthday celebration tonight too. It'll be fun.

Not too much more to write about today...other than the fact that you should check this out. Another fine class by Shimelle. I'll be doing this one next weekend!!!

Till next time.... :)


alli_scraps said...

Had a GREAT time chatting with you also Denise!!! Power to the Glue Sniffers!!!!

cpbunch said...

Oh goodness that was the funniest thing that has happened to me in a long time. We should keep that chat around just for when we want to have fun chasing the weirdos away! LOL