It's the weekend!!!

Happy Saturday! Nothing much happening here. I went to Memory Lane today to work on my first class projects but couldn't get the fancy schmancy copy machine to work to reduce and print my picture that I want to put on one of the candles. I worked on the second one of the two and decided that I'd go back in on Monday while the kids are at school. Josh wasn't too thrilled with the idea of having to keep an eye on Emily while I did that...and Alex is hiking this weekend. It will just be easier to do it while they are at school. I don't want to be rushed.

The layout that I've shared here is one of the latest DT things that I did for Eclectic Scraps. Jessica's Mountain Retreat kit is what I used and OMG...what a kit! Jessica certainly hit the nail on the head with this kit...I've got so many "nature" type pics like this from all of Alex's hiking trips and camping trips with the scouts. I'm sure I'll get some great use from this kit! I LOVE IT!

I was thinking about scrapping tonight but I think I'm going to put Emily to bed and then watch a movie with Josh. Em and I watched "Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants" today. Well, I watched the entire movie while Em said she was watching but spent most of the time out of the room, off doing her 5 1/2 yr. old kinds of stuff. Not quite sure what Josh and I will watch tonight...I'm sure we'll come up with something. Maybe I'll sort some pictures while I watch the movie...I'm in the mood to get some paper pages done soon and having pictures sorted mine motivate me a bit more.

Tomorrow will bring a day of cleaning up the place a bit. I need to get the points and cleaning challenges posted at Scrapforums for the Sparkling Spaces challenge that I'll be starting on Monday. Alex will be home sometime early afternoon...Em has a birthday party to go to at lunchtime, so I'll have to get up early and get busy so that I can get my stuff done before all the fun begins.

No progress on the pool...we close on the loan on Monday. I'm sure we'll get moving shortly after that. And once they really get started, I think progress will be made almost daily. Until then...the back yard will be a mess and sand will be tracked in the house by shoes and doggie paws.

Have a great weekend!!

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